Random Thoughts Thursday

• This picture makes me laugh!  It is so funny.  You know I love cats and everything about them makes me smile and happy.

Cat picture-1.jpg

• OK, so another cat picture.  I don’t think my cats mind it too much.  Lola has been very affectionate towards me and loves to be around me while I work.  Mateo on the other hand spends most of the day sleeping.

Cat meme-4.jpg  • I did get annoyed with all of the Cinco de Mayo posts.  In Mexico it isn’t a day to celebrate.  Mexicans don’t really celebrate it.  The day is just another reason to eat and drink.  Well, like we really need a reason?  🙂

Cinco de Mayo-2.jpg

•As an introvert I didn’t mind staying at home.  Now I am tired of it.  Who isn’t?  I told myself that when this is all over, I will spend more time with family and friends.  Ha, am I serious about it?  I guess we’ll see.

When quarantine is over.jpg •  It is Teacher Appreciation Week!  Let’s cheer and clap for all of the teachers.  I am lucky to work with so many great and amazing teachers.  These past few weeks we’ve had to work harder than ever and many more people have seen how valuable and important we are.  

Teacher Appreciation Week-2.jpg

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  1. Being a teacher is the hardest job out there IMO. And I was a teacher. So Kudos to you.

    I am not minding as much as I thought running and walking by myself. But yes I’m getting tired of it. I want to hang out with my family and friends in person not just with ZOOM.

    Love your cat pix. I am a cat person. At one time, I had 5.

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