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This was a good week for me.  I ran 5 days for a total of 17.40 miles.  I did not want to miss any runs because I signed up for The Run Across Illinois Challenge and I am still participating in Deborah’s Run Bet Challenge.  I don’t really care about winning any money.  I just don’t want to lose the money that I entered in the bet.

It was sunny on Monday but must have been cooler since I had a heavier jacket.

I run in the morning before logging in for school but this week I ran twice in the evening.  It was warm on Wednesday and I have no idea what I was thinking.  I overdressed and wore pants and a long sleeve top and then regretted it.  On Thursday morning it was raining with thunderstorms and I knew I couldn’t get out to run.  I waited till the evening when it had stopped raining.  It was humid but still comfortable to wear shorts and a tank top.


Saturday morning I had to run 5 miles.  I took it easy but still struggled to get it done.  I went out later than usual and while it wasn’t too warm, it was sunny which I guess wore me out.   I saw some pretty flowers along the way.  Later I went to do laundry (I used to go on Sundays but now prefer Saturday).  I must have been more tired than expected and so I took a nap and missed the Bloggers Zoom Call.  🙁

Another rainy day on Sunday.  A big difference from Saturday.  I did not want to go but then remembered the challenges I am doing and I was out the door.  It wasn’t too bad.  And yes I was warm again.

Of course I wanted to stay home like Mateo.  I cannot imagine him being comfortable but I guess he is.


I did my 5k for the Uncancelled Project.  This time I am determined to get it done each week.

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Something I am excited about is The Great Run Across Illinois that Wendy mentioned in a post.  I even got Marcia to sign up and we created a team – Bloggers Outrunning COVID.  Our goal is to run 210 miles.  I didn’t realize that we had to get it done by the end of the month.   I honestly thought it was 70 days but that is for solo runners doing the challenge.  Yikes!  But we’ll get it done, right Marcia?  🙂

The Great Run Across Illinois-1

Are you doing the Uncanceled Project 2?  What about any other challenges?

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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34 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Running across Illinois and for dreams

  1. The Great Run Across Illinois sounds awesome! I love that so many virtual race and challenge options are available to help keep us motivated.

  2. I did runbet a few years ago and I really liked how flexible it was. Our weather went from freezing to really warm overnight and it is a struggle. Though I think I would have screamed if I had had to put my running coat on one more time.

  3. Nothing like a challenge to get you moving 🙂 I will be doing a similar challenge (running the Maumee River) in June. We do have a vacation planned for a few weeks, which hopefully will happen, but I think I can get it done. They are allowing us to count walking too, so that will help. This reminds me… I have to go to do laundry!

  4. Nice week!
    Great that you did the Un-Cancelled Project 5k! Well done.
    I’m on Deborah’s Run Bet Challenge, too. I really like seeing the other runners’ posts, it’s so encouraging.

  5. Love your team name, sounds like a fun and motivating challenge!

    Ah, we had some bad rain today too. hard to dress correctly for it!

    Glad you had several good runs this week!

  6. You can do it! I need to log my miles. I wonder, do I need to log them now or can I load them in at the end? Good luck!

  7. Sounds like you found your running mojo again wit the challenge!

    Most of our rain has been later at night. We had one short really violent storm on Friday. But we were all cozy inside.

    It’s always so hard to figure out what to wear in the transitional periods.

  8. That’s fun that you and Marcia are doing the challenge together! Good luck you 2. Way to keep up with the run bet it’s been great motivation for me too

  9. Good luck on the Illinois run! I have loved the Un-Canceled Project….I’ve been doing the 5K’s each week (and did a few other distances earlier). Great incentive!

  10. I find it easier to overdress as the seasons transition. I can never remember what temps I prefer shorts and when I need to dress warmer. Your race across Illinois sounds like a fun challenge.

  11. The great race across Illinois sounds super fun! I’ve been relying on challenges like this to stay motivated and get out of the door every day!

  12. Great job! i am doing the second phase of The Uncanceled Project, but that’s about it. The Illinois challenge sounds really fun!

    When is school over for you?: Is it going any better?

    • I am excited about both challenges. Add in the RunBet Challenge and I am out there. 🙂 The school year is June 5th but I am hoping the District will change it to next week. I know the kids are tired of eLearning and so am I.

  13. Like you I’ve been overdressing. It’s cold and then warm.

    I’m loosely doing the uncanceled project. Also on a team to run 500k across NYS.

  14. Great mileage for the week! I’m not doing any virtual races or challenges right now, but wow running Illinois sounds like a fun one!

    • Thank you. I needed motivation to continue running. Hopefully there will be more since there will be no races this year. At least I don’t think there will be but who knows.

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