Random Thoughts Thursday

• Anyone read “Fifty Shades of Grey”?  I remember reading every book and seeing the movies too.  Thanks to Facebook Memories I was reminded of a few years ago when I was in Portland, Oregon for a race and found the hotel.  Haha!!

Facebook Memories-5

• This made me laugh!  I tried making an avatar but it looked nothing like me.  I prefer to use memoji on my iPhone.  

Release the avatars

  • Saw this yesterday.  I wonder how true it is.  I also wonder how exactly it will work in the Fall.  Many of the things on the list will be “impossible” to do.

CDC Guidelines-1

• I finished reading the book.  Wow!  I thought the Netflix series was excellent and the book is great too.  Well, I think the series was better.  


 • No matter what situation we are in, we should always be kind.  Honestly, I am getting tired of people complaining and being ungrateful.

Essential Workers

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  1. I want to read the book of Unorthodox, too!
    I have to say that I thought the series portrayed the Jewish women as unnecessarily naive and ignorant.
    The Jewish women in my neighbourhood are educated, all know what Google is and what ham would look like (we live next to the Jewish Orthodox synagogue).
    I hope the book is a little fairer.

    • I couldn’t get the book from the library so I got the online version. The book did a great job of explaining a lot of the Jewish culture and traditions/customs. There is just so much and at one point I found it to be overwhelming.

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