Happy Tuesday and welcome to another edition of Tuesday Topics!  Did you all have a nice Memorial Day yesterday?  I spent most of the day reading blogs and watching TV.  Oh, and staying cool since it got really hot too.

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This week’s Tuesday Topic:  What are some of your running hacks You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!  

I’ve been running for over 10 years and while I am no expert, I have picked up a few things here and there to help make my running experiences a bit better.  Most are things things you’re already doing, but still I am going to share the things that have been working for me. 

• Lay out your running clothes the night before.  Some people sleep in their running clothes but I’d find that to be uncomfortable.  I am not big chested and do not sleep with a bra so I cannot imagine sleeping with a running bra.  I am sure I can sleep without it and then just put it on in the morning but I prefer to sleep in shorts and tee in the summer or long pants and long sleeve top in the summer.  Laying out your clothes the night before ensure you have everything ready the next morning and do not waste time looking for things you need.

• Schedule your workouts in your calendar.  I put everything in my Google Calendar.  I would be lost without it.  I also schedule my school meetings, doctor appointments, my mother’s doctor appointments, and everything else that my presence is required.

• Use an app to track the mileage of your shoes.  I have a Garmin and not only use the app to check the data of my run, but also to track the mileage of my shoes.  After each run, I check my splits, pace, etc., and I add the shoes that I wore.  This way I know when I can retire the shoes I am wearing and start using a new pair.  Right now I have the app set up to retire the shoes at 350 miles.  

• Vary your routes.  I usually run by my house.  I’ve been doing that for a few years now and like it.  There are days that I miss running by the lakefront.  Sometimes I want to see something different instead of the same thing.  I still run by my house but go a different route.  Sometimes I do a reverse loop.  

• Break up the miles.  This works very well for me when running on the treadmill but can also be done when running outside.  I remember one time I had to run 10 miles and was not looking forward to it (and I one that does not mind running on the treadmill).  I broke up the run into 2.5 mile segments, and taking a short break in between.

• Program your workouts in your watch.  This is perfect when doing intervals so you know exactly when to run and when to walk/recover.  No more guessing and running more or less that you’re supposed to.  I once had to do 30 second intervals and it was “hard” to do because I had to count in my head and pay attention to where I was stepping so as not to fall.  🙂

• Freeze your water.  I remember this from a few years ago that Judy either mentioned in her blog or she gave me that suggestion.  I remember it was for my hydration pack.  With a longer run and warmer weather, the water was not cold enough for me.  She told me to fill it halfway and then put it in the freezer the night before my run.  The next morning just fill it up with more water.  

• Have fun.  Seriously.  Running is a hobby and should not take control over us.  So what if a run did not go as expected.  Tomorrow is another day.  Life goes on.

Tuesday Topics

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20 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My running hacks

  1. Many good tips here, Zenaida!
    I find that varying my routes helps me, too. Just to break up the routine and to alternate between hills and flats, rivers and forests. It makes everything more interesting.
    Oh, and I definitely agree with you on the last one: have fun!!

  2. Of course I mentioned the water hack again in my post. 🙂 Glad it’s helped you!

    Changing up routes is huge! But has been difficult right now.

    Our heat is coming today, and yesterday was just perfect. I’ve been spending a lot of time outside this past week — it’s been wonderful!

  3. I love programming my workouts into my watch! It makes such a difference and you get to focus on the actual quality of the run and not counting the time. I’m so poor at keeping track of my shoe mileage. I started doing it on Garmin and then forgot and now I have no clue how much I’ve run on each pair! It will have to be my resolution for my next pair of shoes.

  4. While I have never officially tracked my mileage (for my shoes), I usually can tell when it’s time to replace, or rotate them to shorter runs.I’ll feel it in my hips (from the support in the shoes waning) and the tread will be distinctly worn in a certain spot. I especially agree with your last point about having fun. Seriously, most of us aren’t professionals, dependent on a running performance-based income. WE can afford to have some fun with it instead of having it create more stress LOL

  5. Having fun is always the first rule! And changing up your routes is #2 for me. I have a million different places that I can get to from my front door and after all these years I am still finding new ways to run my town.

    • I also have lots of different places to get to from my house. What I would love to do is some kind of run art. Is there some kind of app to help me?

  6. All good tips! I definitely lay my clothes out the night before- not only because I enjoy picking out my outfits but it makes me less likely to shut my alarm off if I’m prepped ahead of time. I also like to get my nutrition set so I don’t have to spend time doing that in the morning. And route variation is key to me not getting bored!

    • Oh yes the nutrition too. I used to take Generation UCAN in the morning and sometimes would prep my gel the night before and have it ready for the next day.

  7. great advice.
    For race day I set the alarm on my watch and my phone.
    It’s too easy to mess one up and I hate to take a chance with something so simple yet so important to getting race day off to a good start.

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