Weekly Mileage-57

Another great week for me!  Ran 5 days for a total of 18.33 miles and did another 2 virtual races for the Uncanceled Project.

This week was a HOT one!  I went out too late on Monday and struggled during my 4 miles.  I am sure I was dehydrated because I had a headache and felt some chills towards the end.


I spent the rest of the day relaxing and catching up on blogs.

Apparently I did not learn my lesson on Monday because I went out again too late on Wednesday.  I did 1 mile, then 4-30 second surges, and then ran easy for total 3 miles.  I did pretty good with the surges (8:46/7:57/8:17/8:09)!

I am NOT eating well at all and paid for it on Thursday.  I did 5 miles and it was tough.  My shorts are a bit too tight and moving was not easy.  

Sometimes a run sucks and sometimes it doesn’t.  On Saturday my run did not suck.  I ran 3 sets of 5 minutes.  Couple of things: 1) Ran each set without stopping and that is something that rarely happens.  2) Got negative splits and that rarely happens too.  3) Fastest splits in a long time.  I was very pleased with this run.  I was happy.  I know the weather had something to do with it as it was perfect for running.  


I finished May with 72.05 miles.  That has been my highest this year. 

May 2020 Mileage

Sometime in March I removed the Instagram app from my phone.  My last post was March 12.  I downloaded the app again.  At that time I had 900 followers.  Well, I unfollowed everyone because I want to start over.  It’s been interesting to see how many followers I lost.  🙂  I began with 900, then had 883, and ended up with 871.  So I lost 29 followers in a couple of days.  Tomorrow is a new month and I will start following people again.

It was kind of hard to find joy this week with everything that is going on in this country.  Last night we got an alert that the Mayor had imposed a curfew (9pm-6am).  Honestly, it wasn’t till last night that I saw what had been happening in the city.  Now I am watching a Facebook Live of a looting taking place not too far from my house.  I’ve been watching it for over an hour and cannot stop watching it.

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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20 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Joy and goodbye May

  1. Interesting about Instagram…the idea of a fresh start! I have so many companies/brands I follow that I can’t remember why. Might be time to clean up!

    Those hot midday runs are tough! Glad you had such a wonderful Saturday run though, way to go!

    I too have been sucked into Facebook lives this week of what’s going on…so sad.

    • It took me over a day to unfollow everyone. There is a limit to the number of people you can unfollow per hour. Not sure what happened cause then Instagram blocked/stopped me from unfollowing and then I had to wait.

  2. I should start over with instagram. I follow so many random accounts I never see posts from the people I know — or I just see posts from the same five people.
    Great week, great month — i feel you on the eating though.

    • It feels good to start over on Instagram. It is a hassle to unfollow everyone though. I had to do it in chunks and then Instagram blocked said action so I had to wait a bit in order to continue.

  3. Those mid day runs are always a challenge for me with the temps. Way to go on your mileage for the month. That’s why I am sticking w the runbet it gets me out there! Thanks for linking and have a great week ahead

  4. I have three “well dones!” for you:
    1. for the 72 miles in May. Cool!
    2. for the two Un-Cancelled runs, despite the heat.
    3. for Saturday’s 3 sets of 5 minute runs. Progress!
    It really looks like all that running is paying off.
    Will you be joining Deborah’s RunBet challenge?

  5. High 5 for the negative splits! I’m struggling to get out early as well, when it was cold in April it made sense to wait until 8 to run, but last week it was already too hot by then. I’m getting up earlier this week.

  6. The IG thing is interesting. I think a lot of people only want to “follow” people that are following them. I am overdue for a social media detox so thanks for this idea!

  7. Well done on the mileage! I don’t have the flexibility to do many mid-day runs, but they can be tough. When/if I do one, I just run for the joy of being outside, and save my “workout” runs for more ideal conditions. Des Moines (an hour away) got hit hard with rioting and all kinds of violence over the past few days. There was a curfew implemented, but many weren’t respecting it.

  8. I have seriously watched stopped watching the news (like, completely), but of course I know what’s going on. I don’t read the news, either, but with a husband that’s glued to the news most of the morning . . .

    It’s so sad, and you feel so helpless — no idea what the right thing to do is. 🙁

    Good job on a good week! I had a pretty good week right up til Sunday. Seems like I hit the proverbial wall, for no reason whatsoever. Love the photo of your cats!

  9. I did see you pop up on Instagram! And the kitties 🙂 I have just stopped watching the news these days. I can’t stand it. Good job on the running this week. It sure was hot early in the week! Also glad you had such a great run. Love those!!

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