Random Thoughts Thursday

•Anyone ready to start getting on an airplane?  With cheap fares right now, it is tempting.  If it were “safe” to travel, I would go to NY and Hawaii.  Oh and of course to Mexico.  Where would you go?


•We all need something to laugh about now.  How about this?  

Cat meme-5

  •Still have not worn jeans but I am sure they won’t fit.

We were on a break

•Tomorrow is the last day of school.  I won’t be posting any assignments for my students but we do have meetings.  I don’t understand why. Bored Teachers-3

I finished reading another book.  Good one but found some things annoying.  Anyone else read it?



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  1. I’m actually looking at flights to Alabama. Hoping to get down there to see Holly since I had to cancel my trip in May.

    I did read Ghosted and I thought it was cute.

    • That is great that you’ll get to see Holly! I think I heard about the book from you. I didn’t hate it and did think it was interesting. It was just that a few things were annoying to me.

  2. Woohoo for the last day of school! I’m not ready to hop on a plane just yet, but maybe next year.

    I wear jeans 1-2 days a week while working to make sure that they still fit, LOL. I refuse to buy a whole new wardrobe after the stay at home orders are over.

    • I was thinking of maybe going to Mexico for Winter Break but tickets are so expensive.

      Oh I won’t buy a new wardrobe. I will do whatever it takes so that they fit again. Haha!

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