Random Thoughts Thursday

•Summer break is here!  Feels so weird since I am not doing the “normal” things I do during this time.  That is OK since I am using this time to declutter the apartment.  So far I’ve cleaned the pantry and part of the kitchen.  I was hoping to do one room per day so that I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed.  I guess I have all summer to do it, right?

•While cleaning out the kitchen I found an old glucose monitoring system for my cat.  Years ago I had a cat named “Princess”.  I had her for over 10 years and she was diabetic.  Yes, I had to give her insulin and check her glucose everyday. Seeing it made me sad because it reminded me of her but also because I’ve had the box for so long and have not gotten rid of it.  That is how much stuff I have!

Cat glucose monitoring system

  •I am excited for this cake!  I love the chocolate cake but this is good too.  Cannot wait.

Portillos cake-1

•Has anyone tried this new version?  I remember years ago I loved the previous version.  Then Nuun discontinued it and now it is back.

Just because.  This was at 3:30am.  I got up because I had to use the bathroom.  Mateo is so dramatic.



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  1. I need to declutter. But when it is nice out, I don’t want to stay snide.

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