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I cannot believe today is the last day of June.  Even more I cannot believe we are almost halfway through the year. In a way I am glad.  This year has not been going well…at all.  It does make me wonder how the rest of the year will go.  I have not done a monthly review in a long time so here is one for June.

Miles Ran:  84.91.  I did 22 runs this month for a total of 17 hours, 21 minutes, and 27 seconds.  So far this has been my highest month and I hope the next few months I can get to at least 100 miles.

June 2020 Mileage

Highest Mileage Week:  23.33.  I am slowly building up my mileage.  I am really impressed with those that run 40-50 miles each week.  I usually run 5 days a week but last week was the first time in a few months where I ran 6 days.  

Shoes: I started the month running on the Brooks Levitate 1 that I purchased last year.  This month I am wearing the Brooks Launch 5.  They’re very comfortable and so far one of my favorites of the Launch.  I don’t want to check and see how many new pairs I have in boxes.  🙂

Races Planned/Completed:  0/0.  No races at all this year (at least I don’t think there will be races for the rest of the year).  I remember at one point I was planning to go to Hawaii for the Kona Half Marathon which was supposed to take place on the 21st. 

Current Challenge:  I’ve been doing Deborah’s Run Bet Challenge and the California Virtual 500.  The goal is to run 250 miles by Labor Day.  So far I’ve run 61 miles.  I am the last one.  🙂

California Coast 500 Virtual Race-6

Current Book:  Right now I am reading two books.  I started reading “Darling Rose Gold” which I heard about in Wendy’s blog post.  Then a friend of mine hosted a Zoom book club gathering to read “Fruit of the Drunken Tree”.  So far both are good.  


Next Race(s):  At this point I have no idea.  My goal of running a half marathon in each state is on hold.  The last half marathon I did was in GA and it was state #43.  I am so close.

Current Excitement:  I have two weeks left for summer school.  I’ve mentioned before that it is going well.  I am looking forward to Summer break and hopefully do something fun.  I would like to travel but we’ll see how that goes.

I finished decluttering my closet.  Next is the kitchen, my bedroom, the living room, and the office/cats’ room.

What am I looking forward to next month?  Run more miles and finish reading my books.  I am watching “Madam Secretary” on Netflix but will put that on hold to read.  I’ve put in my application for a pre-approval to buy a house so hopefully next month I can start looking again and find something that I like. 

Tuesday Topics

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19 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Goodbye June and Hello July

  1. De-cluttering is such a great feeling isn’t it?! I always feel so accomplished once everything is nice and organized!

    Awesome job on your miles this month!

  2. Well done on building up your mileage!
    That California Virtual is a big challenge, but you’ll make it 😊👍🏻
    I’ve stopped watching Netflix in favour of reading books, too. Right now I’m on ”Where the Crawdads sing”. 😊

  3. Madam Secretary was a great show, although I wasn’t a fan of the last season as much.

    No idea when my next race will be. Our running club actually held one last weekend, and though people liked what they did, I’m not ready for that.

    I’ve never run more than 35 miles a week, and that was so long ago! I don’t really miss that.

  4. Great job on your mileage 😉 The hubs and I are watching a few different series on Netflix, but stumbled upon How to Get Away With Murder….YIKES! That totally sucked us in quickly!

  5. You’ve had such a solid month so that 100 mile/ month is definitely coming soon. I struggle to run more than 4 times a week so that 6 times is very impressive. I still find it so hard to believe that we have no races on the calendar… but I’m glad we have all found other ways to keep challenging ourselves. Your Half in every state WILL happen.

    • I am hoping July is when I get to 100 miles. It’s been a while since I’ve run that many miles. Running 6 days is not easy. What has helped is that a lot of my runs are easy runs. I go much slower on those days.

  6. Sounds like you are making the most of summer so far! Within Covid-induced boundaries of course. Good for you for getting all those running miles in. Not easy when it’s hot.

    • Summer is the time when I relax and take it easy and do “nothing”. 🙂 Still doing the same but now being told there are some things I cannot do or have to do.

      It isn’t easy but getting out there early helps. Just need to make sure to go to bed early so I can wake up early. 🙂

  7. It’s so nice to see you getting some good miles again! I’ve never been a high mileage runner-I think if you can accomplish your goals with lower mileage, your body will thank you, right?

    Isn’t Rose Gold good? The creepy thing is, I’ve actually cared for a couple of patients over the years who were victims of Munchausens syndrome by proxy. Sick, sick, sick parents who would do that to a child.

    • So far I haven’t experienced any aches or pains. It could be due to the lower mileage and also because a lot of my runs are easy runs and I run them slow.

      Is that what it is? I am at the part where the mom gets out of prison and lives with Rose. And yes I do like the book. I have picked out a few other books that you read (Ghosted, Perfect Tunes, and My Dark Vanessa).

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