Random Thoughts Thursday

• I went to Target and saw that they were already setting up for school supplies.  I quickly moved away from that area because it was depressing to see all that.  I am afraid that schools will be open in the Fall due to political reasons instead of the right ones.

• This weather forecast for the next couple of days.  Hello Summer!

Weather Forecast-1.jpg

• This week I’ve been more tired than usual.  The weather?  Maybe.  On Monday I was even more tired than usual.  It could have been because I ran 5 miles that morning and was dehydrated.  I came home with a headache and drank so much water and still could not go to the bathroom.


I’m annoyed that my some of my stars from Starbucks have expired.  Should I be penalized for not wanting to leave my house to get something from Starbucks?  You bet I am going to send them an email.


I will admit that everything being said about opening schools again in the Fall does make me nervous.  I have so many questions.  Part of me does want to go back to the classroom because I am bored with remote learning.  I am sure the students are too.  However, do I want to risk it?

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  1. My stars have started expiring but I didn’t have enough for a drink when they began to go away. Oh well, Dunkins make a good iced coffee also.
    My kids are grown, but my wife and sister are teachers. I’m really worried about what’s going to happen in the fall.
    Just as you can’t send people back to work just to die, we can’t send our kids and teachers back to school just to die. We need a major re-think on how this is going to work. Or it wont.

      • Agreed. Didn’t they extend the expiration date? Marriott and many other businesses with loyalty programs did. I think Marriott extended by a year. A good thing as I’m not going anywhere.

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