Random Thoughts Thursday

• On Monday I received 3 emails from Texas A&M University inviting me to a Freshman session.  I would have simply deleted the email but I got 3 emails within half an hour.  I was at Staples picking up some crayons and in my rush I quickly wrote a response and did not check before sending it.  I was horrified when I saw what I wrote.

• The Chicago Marathon in cancelled.  I knew it was going to happen.  No way would it have taken place after many races have already been cancelled.  

Chicago Marathon 2020 cancelled.jpg

• I agree with this comment.  There was a Board Meeting yesterday for our District and many people expressed safety concerns.  I honestly don’t know what the correct plan is but I really doubt that our schools will be open in the Fall. 

Back to school statement

Anyone doing the Pelothon 2020?  I am on team #LegendsofFun.  I like that I am not only being exposed to other instructors, but also encouraged to take different types of classes.  I mainly take cycling classes with Cody.  Yesterday I took a 10 minute meditation class and I liked it.

Pelothon 2020-1

Last week I wrote about how I was annoyed that my Starbuck stars expired.  I did contact someone and he added them back to my account.  



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  1. I agree, there is no way that school will be held in the fall unless there is a drastic drop in numbers in the next few weeks. Though ha ha, apparently you won’t be there either because you’re going to be a freshman in Texas;-) I recently let the login for my university email expire 6 years after graduation. The u’s email addresses were very generic, just initials and letters, so I was getting a ton of emails that weren’t intended for me. The last straw was when someone sent me…let’s see what’s a nice way to say it…something of a very personal nature that was intended for someone else.

  2. LOL about your email! Damn auotcorrect! I try to proofread, but even when you try (and I once worked as a proofreader!), it’s really hard. But you probably did sound like a freshman (or maybe better!).

    I hope that whatever the schools decide, you feel safe & supported Zenaida.

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