Random Thoughts Thursday

• I live on the second floor of an apartment building and am so grateful we have a balcony.  My mother and I have spent hours there listening to music and people watching.  Sometimes we eat our meals there too.  I feel bad that she cannot go out that much but at least we have the balcony and the nice weather to enjoy.

• Time to go shopping!  Just kidding.  My favorite is wine.  Once in a while I do drink beer and, of course, a martini.

Back to school liquor-1.jpg

• iPhone storage is full?  How is it possible?  I had to delete a bunch of photos, videos, messages, etc.  I checked the settings and I have 64GB of storage.  I am thinking that for my next phone I should get something more than 64GB.

iPhone Storage-1

My niece and nephew told me about a show, “Taco Chronicles”, on Netflix that is all about tacos.  There are 6 episodes and each one covers a different type of taco.  Anyone hungry?  Those are tacos al pastor.  Not my favorite but still pretty good.

Taco Chronicles-1.jpg

Another race cancellation.  I was supposed to run this race in May but then it was postponed to August.  I wasn’t sure if I would make it since it was taking place the weekend after the first day of school.   Now this race has been moved to next year but we’ll see what happens.

Fargo Marathon cancellation-1


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