Random Thoughts Thursday

• I went to Target last week and was surprised to see that there was hardly any paper towels and toilet paper.  I have enough toilet paper for now but need paper towels.  Is that how it is where you live?

• My cousin gave me a small bench that belonged to his daughter.  I remember years ago when I first saw thinking that I would like one for Lola.  Now I have 2 cats and it is perfect for them.  Except Mateo does not share.  But don’t they look adorable?

• I was cleaning my room and found some very old items.  Ha!  I found my high school yearbooks and a box full of cassettes.  I know I can donate my cassettes.  I might keep a few since my car has a cassette player, but what do I do with my yearbooks?  Do I really want to keep them? 

A few weeks ago I got a code for some free masks.  I should have known that it was too good to be true.  I received an email that it was mistake, etc, etc.  I understand but was still disappointed.  What I do find weird is that I placed an order for masks and since it cannot get fulfilled, I get an offer for buy one/get a free pair of socks.  Socks!  Now I wonder if that was the original intent.

Our District decided to start the year with remote learning.  I am OK with that decision.  However, I want the option to teach from my classroom a few days a week.  I am tired of teaching from home.  Check out this cool video of a teacher in his classroom!  

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  1. Idk what’s up with Target because mine is pretty empty as well while other stores are stocked. I’ve stopped going there because they don’t have what I need. The word in our district is that teachers will be allowed to teach from their classrooms. I’m sure that’d help a ton.

    • There is one half a mile from my house and I like going there because it is convenient. Pretty much everything I need is there EXCEPT not enough paper towels and toilet paper. Oh and hand sanitizer but I guess many stores don’t have it either.

  2. In Virginia, our paper products and hand sanitizer are well stocked in the stores, but it’s still almost impossible to get disinfecting wipes.

    Yes, if I were a teacher I think I would prefer to have access to my classroom at least part of the time.

    Chicago was the very first concert I ever went to!

    • A few weeks ago there were disinfecting wipes at Target and I bought a few containers. However, I would have to go at 8am right when they open as they would sell out quickly. This was before I knew about remote learning.

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