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Back in June I wrote about the California Coast 500 Virtual Challenge.   It was 3 months into the quarantine life.  I was looking for something motivating and exciting to do while in quarantine and this looked like the perfect challenge!

This challenge was to run 100, 250, 400 or 500 virtual miles from LA’s Santa Monica Pier to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge along California’s idyllic Highway One.  It began June 8th and ends September 7th.  I signed up for 250 miles which is about 84 miles each month.

California Coast 500 Virtual Race-2

So, as you know from Sunday’s post, I am not running.  Since I began this challenge, I was on track to complete it last week.  My last run was August 15 in which I had run 223.6 miles.  Most likely I won’t complete the challenge.  I have a doctor appointment on Friday (for my yearly exam) and I will double check with her (she told me it was OK to see her).  I want to do the right thing but I am also itching to run outside.

The California Coast 500 Virtual Challenge is a fun and great virtual race.  Let me tell you why:

✅ Weekly email from the race organizers.  Each email came with digital badges and mini challenges to win prizes (i.e. log 24 total miles from Monday 6/29 to Sunday 7/5 or log 50 miles during Week 9 of the California Coast 500).  I didn’t win but it was still fun to enter to win a prize.

California Coast 500 Virtual Race-9

✅ Motivation from my BibRave Pro friends!  I am in awe of those that selected to run 500 miles and finished weeks ago.  There are 6 of us on the team and my coach, Juan, and I are the only ones that close the 250 mile challenge.  I am close to San Luis Obispo.

California Coast 500 Virtual Race-11

✅ Thanks to the team at PWR Lab, there was an interactive map to keep track of the mileage.  It was fun seeing how far along everyone was on the route.  

California Coast 500 Virtual Race-7

✅ Support from Run Local.

California Coast 500 Virtual Race-10This was from an email I received on June 24.  KK Fischer finished in about 2 weeks.  Wow!

California Coast 500 Virtual Race-8

While I am sad that I won’t complete it, I am glad I signed up for it.  I was motivated to get out there and run.  On the days I did not want to run, I reminded myself of this challenge and knew that every mile helped (or .10, .18, etc).  I am not sure what I will do once this is over.  I’m having a great training session with my coach and hope to continue, but don’t think I will sign up for virtual races or challenges.

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17 Comments on Tuesday Topics: California Coast 500 Virtual Challenge Part 2

  1. I think these challenges are great. I’m kinda sad mine ended because I feel myself slacking off. But it does become tedious to record everyday.

    You are very active. No worries there.

  2. I’m so sorry you won’t be able to finish on time. But maybe you can still just finish it up when you’re able to — just for your own satisfaction? Can cycling be used for the challenge? Just a thought!

    This is hopefully just a bump in the road for you. Fingers crossed.

  3. You were so close to completing it, Zenaida! I’m so sorry you can’t finish it. From your description, it seems to be a very motivating and happy challenge.

    Congratulations on doing so well. Amazing what we can do when we’re motivated!

  4. You’re so close to finishing the challenge – I’m bummed that you won’t be able to finish it, but it looks like it gave you the motivation you were looking for to go out and run more so that’s a huge positive!

  5. My Race Across Iowa challenge ended on August 10th (I was allotted 70 days for my distance). I far surpassed the 249 miles (with walking and running combined), but was hoping I could rack up enough running miles on their own. Oh well…August 10th was when the derecho hit, and my running and walking took a hit due to all the clean-up, and now I have this stress fracture as well. So, the timing worked well LOL Your California challenge looked fun with all the emails and badges, etc.

  6. I just love how motivated you were. You kept running and you did so even on the days you didn’t want to. Life threw you such an unfair curveball as you were so close. But to cover 223 miles in this timeframe, you did amazing. And maybe as Judy says, just complete it when you are able to, just for your own satisfaction.

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