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Like many runners I’ve had my days when I don’t feel like running.  There are no races taking place so what’s the point of running/training?  Well, I think it is the perfect time.  To me now is when I am training for my training next year (hopefully we’ll be able to race next year).  I have a great coach and get excited when I see my workouts for the week.  What motivates me to run?

🟣  I remember that I don’t HAVE to run but instead I GET to run.  How lucky am I?  Besides the occasional aches and being tired, I am healthy and well.

🟣  Sign up for a challenge.  Recently I completed the California Coast 500 Virtual Challenge.  I started doing this at the beginning of June.  I had 3 months so run 250 miles and that was enough motivation to run.  I was upset when I had to stop running and would not finish it.  Lucky me – not only was the deadline extended but I did finish it before Labor Day.

🟣  I set a goal.  My goal is to run 100 miles each month.  I’ve been working with my coach since May and I’ve been able to slowly increase my mileage each month.  I ran 72 miles in May, 84 miles in June, 103 miles in July, and 68 miles in August (it would have been more if I hadn’t stop running).  If all goes well then I am sure I will meet that goal the next couple of months.

Not running related but I know some of you use WordPress for you blog.  Anyone struggling with the new format?  I am.  I noticed it last night and not sure if I like it.  I know change is good but this is too much for me.  🙂

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25 Comments on Tuesday Topics: How I stay motivated to run

  1. I love that you are looking at this time now as your training for next year – great mindset!

    I do find that having a challenge to complete really does help to get me out the door.

  2. Well done for completing the California Coast 250 miles!
    Running 100 miles a month is a great goal and I like the steady way you are approaching it.
    I use WordPress but I haven’t noticed much of a change of the format. I’m on version 5.5.1 and self-host with bluehost.

  3. Change is good, but it’s definitely not always easy! I’m not struggling too much with the change, but some things take hunting to find now. We’ll get used to it. You can choose to use the classic form, too, but you have to wonder how long they’ll keep that around.

    I may be the only one that’s actually cut back on my mileage, LOL. I just feel it’s a good time to take a sort-of break from hard training — none of us do that enough! And maybe (or maybe not) I’ll feel more ready to train hard when things go back to normal.

    Glad you’re excited about your workouts from your coach — that’s a good sign.

  4. Goal setting always helps me stay motivated!

    Oh and yes the new WordPress is really throwing me off, I thought it was just me!

  5. I totally agree with you and feel that this “odd” time is actually helping me a better runner. I am focused on the true, key basics of building a strong foundation and on doing things that make sense long-term, as opposed to something that is done mostly with the intent of “doing well on XYZ race”. I have also been varying my run locations lately because I had noticed that running around my surrounding neighborhoods was getting boring. I’m appreciative of being able to just head out my door and enjoy, but going elsewhere for different views, terrains, and people has been very motivational and refreshing for me. Congratulations on completing the California Coast 500 challenge, I know it definitely helped me keep my running volume up, in particular during the ultra tough high temps we’ve had down here in Texas this summer. So glad you talked me into joining you on it!

    • Glad you joined me! It was fun and motivating to do it. I just knew I needed something to get me out the door. And it worked!

      I’ve been running using the same routes and so far have not been bored. I think it helps that I don’t notice it or think about it too much. I am too busy just listening to the music and thinking about everything else going on in life. Well that could be a good thing and a bad thing.

      Thank you for all of your support and encouragement!!

  6. Blogger has been gradually “updating” some things, and I’m not a fan. It seems like every time I write a new post, there are some tweaks that weren’t there before (some are good, but many are confusing). Anyways, I stay motivated because running is just a life style thing for me. I agree…its best to have the mentality that we GET to run 😉

  7. The bottom line is that we GET to do this. I’m someone who has a lot of energy naturally and I need a physical outlet for it. Seeing the progress that I’ve made in the past year is another thing that makes me want to keep going to see what I can do. And hey, in these pandemic times it’s literally my most frequent reason for leaving the house.

    • You are doing so well and I get excited seeing your progress! I also looked forward to my runs because it gave me a chance to leave the house. And how I missed it when I could not do that. ☹️

  8. I kept the original WP format for now. Not ready to learn a new one right now. Challenges have been a great motivator and getting out w my friends is usually a big bonus for me!

    • I didn’t know you could keep the original WP format. What I really miss is the option to copy a previous post. I guess I need to play with it and figure it out cause there has to be a way. I can imagine how happy you must be for being able to get out with friends!!! 😀😀

  9. I love the “I don’t have to, I get to” quote. Jess Sims says that all the time and I really take it to heart because it’s a great mindset to have, especially on those hard runs or days you don’t want to run.

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