This week was MUCH, MUCH better.  A big part of it was that I didn’t put in any extra hours after my work hours.  Friday I did because I did my lesson plans for the week.  If I didn’t then I would have had to do them over the weekend and I did not want to do that.  During the regular school year I would also stay late on Friday to work on them.  Now they require more work because everything is online and I need to find and link the lesson (sometimes create the lessons because there are not that many resources for TR students) to my plans.

I’ve been loving this weather!!  Oh gosh, it is wonderful.  I am still running in shorts.  Once I wore a long sleeve top but the other days it was a SS top. 

Monday morning I was not feeling well during my run. My heart rate was high and I was walking more than I wanted to. Also, I went out later than I wanted to and was hurrying up to finish my run to get back home. It was “only” two miles but I had to shower, get ready, and eat. I was running and saw a random guy. He looked at me, smiled, and said “You look beautiful”. I stopped and looked at him. I told him “Thank you” and kept running. Later I stopped again to think about what he said to me. Of all of my years running, I’ve never had a guy say something nice or positive to me. I’ve been followed, stared at, catcalled, etc, you name it. I felt good. It made me feel better. Now, I am NOT saying that being told beautiful makes me feel better, but the fact that a guy said something positive/nice to me.

Wednesday evening Jessie and I were messaging each other about wearing matching outfits for our run on Thursday. We are both Oiselle team members and have a lot of similar clothes. It was fun and we plan on doing it again!

Saturday morning was perfect for running! I was feeling good. On the schedule was 5 miles with miles 3 and 4 to be done at a faster pace. I wasn’t sure if I “could” do it but I had nothing to lose. I just wanted to run. Miles 1 and 2 were 12:30 and 12:39 and miles 3 and 4 were 11:06 and 10:27. I was shocked when I saw those numbers. Honestly, I couldn’t even believe it. I kept my heart rate under control too – average was 124 and the highest was 166 bpm. I ended up running a bit longer too. I love running in the Fall.

I am very pleased with this week. I did all of my runs. I felt good and took it easy. Last week I wrote about relaxing, taking it easy, and making time for me. I did that this week. I logged off work at 3 (Wednesday was 1/2 but we had meetings till 4pm), did not respond to email after work hours, and went to my balcony to drink wine, spend time with my cats, and to read a book. It was GREAT!

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  1. So happy that you had a much better week! How awesome to have a random stranger compliment you. I had a really nice comment on my YT Channel this week & it absolutely made my day!

    Fall running is definitely my jam. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad that you had a much better week! What a nice experience during your Monday run 🙂 It’s always nice when you can have a positive encounter with a stranger.

  3. Wow on another running streak week and props for quitting work at quitting time! The stranger was telling the truth!

  4. aww, what a great week! Glad we were able to twin, though I almost skipped my run that morning due to the rain, ha! We’ll have to do it again though before it gets cold as I think it will be harder to match unless we are doing treadmill runs 🙂

  5. So glad you had a better week! I’m glad you have started to find some balance with work. It;’s always nice to hear positive comments!

    • Oh yes, that was a big factor. I would spend HOURS after work in front of my computer. Sometimes till 7 or 8 each night. Sometimes I do wonder if I was just creating more work for me. I tend to do so many things for the students and it was stressing me out. I am not saying I don’t want to anymore or that I don’t care for them but I shouldn’t try to do so much anyway. No matter what the work will always be there. I will never catch up.

  6. I am so glad you had so many wonderful runs. That must have been such a great week for you.

    I can’t imagine what all the teachers are going through right now. I know that so many parents around here are being so cruel and terrible because not everything is going perfectly smoothly, and it’s so wrong.

    I’m glad you are taking the time to take care of yourself.

    • Parents want kids in the classroom. Period. They don’t see teachers are struggling and doing the best they can. So many things are out of their control but yet they think it is our fault. If only they really knew what it is like to teach online. And in my case teach 27 students when some of them have no structure and do whatever they want.

  7. Happy to hear about a better week. Hope things continue in that direction.

    Love the twinning.

    You are rocking your runs. Congrats

    • I had to find a way to balance it because I was just so miserable. It is not 100% better but I am getting there. Then again will it ever be 100% better? Life is full of surprises.

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