This week’s Tuesday Topic is What are some running mistakes you’ve made or keep on making?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

I laughed when I saw today’s topic.  I always tell my students that everyone makes mistakes but the important thing about it is to learn from our mistakes.  Umm, obviously that does not apply to ME.  

🟦 Not stretching after a run.  I am always in a rush after my run.  I have to shower, get ready, and get something to eat before logging in for my students.  This week I am going to my classroom to set it up and seriously there is no time.  

🟦 Not enough cross training or strength workouts.  I do it here and there but am not consistent.  Reason?  Time.  Sometimes laziness.  

🟦 Being too tense.  I don’t relax my shoulders and end up with some discomfort.  I don’t realize I am doing it until my shoulders are up toward my ears.  Sometimes I stop to stretch my neck and my arms and that helps.

🟦 Running too many races.  In 2013 I ran 24 races.  The majority were half marathons.  While it was great crossing off so many states from my list, it was tiring and expensive too.  Obviously I did not learn because the following year I ran 18 races and quite a few were Disney races.

🟦 Starting too fast.  I think many of us have done this.  Now I run my easy runs at an easy pace but sometimes I do start off too fast and then walk more than intended.  I know for sure I have done this at a race.

What about you?  What are some running mistakes you’ve made or  keep on making?

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14 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Running mistakes I’ve made or keep on making

  1. A good point about being too tense. When attending gym classes, the teachers would always remind me to relax my shoulders.
    Stopping and stretching the neck really helps! Thanks for the reminder, Zenaida!

  2. #’s 1&2 are my most common. I’m seriously working on developing a post run routine. So far I just roll my legs and do one simple stretch, and I’m working on making sure that I do it as soon as I finish my run. Strength training though…yes I know that I need to and yes I do some very basic body weight stuff…but I just can’t get motivated to take it further.

    By default I guess that no one has run too many races in 2020! But it’s a good reminder for the future.

  3. The most halfs I have ever done was 4 in one year, LOL! Probably because it’s a collaboration between myself & my husband. Even so, I just don’t have that desire to do so many.

    Not stretching afterword — that one is easy not to do, and yes, I am guilty of that too.

    I like ST actually. I can see how it changes my body — plus it’s so important to keep yourself strong as you get older. But it’s not always easy to squeeze in!

  4. Back when I was running several marathons a year, I ran at minimum, 16 miles every Saturday all year long, even if I didn’t have a race coming up. It was a very social thing my husband and I did with our friends and we loved doing it. I wish I hadn’t run so much and had either cross trained on a bike for some of the cardio or just given my body a break between training cycles.

  5. I never stretch enough before or after a race or run – something I really need to work on! I’ll do a quick 3-5 minute stretch but I know that’s not enough.

  6. I’m really bad about going out too fast. It’s something I’m well aware of but for some reason can’t get on top of!

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