With no races for the rest of the year, my coach approached me with the idea of preparing to run a fast 10k.  Yes, but I suggested that instead we go with a 5k.  I like my runs and I’ve been working with my coach for 4 months and I need something fun and exciting to train for.  I doubt there will be real races when I finish my training so I plan to race this on my own.

Last week I mentioned how I made time for myself.  I stopped working after 3pm and went to the balcony to ready a book while drinking some wine.  It was great.  This week was a bit different because I went to my classroom to unpack and set it up.  It was exhausting.  I arrived Monday morning and was so overwhelmed with so many boxes and I had no idea where to start. 

At the time the information I knew was that the District would revisit the current remote learning plan at the end of Quarter 1 (October 30).  There would be a possibility that teachers and students would return to the classroom after October 30th.  However, that week I found out that teachers would return to the classroom on October 13th.  Then they added that students would return to the classroom on November 4th.  Nothing is official yet since we have not received an email from the District.  I have 27 students.  My classroom has 20 desks but only 10 of them would be used.  I am not sure whether I want to go back to teach or take time off.

Before I talk about my training let me show you some pictures of my room.

The first thing I did was set up my desk and then unpacked the boxes. I threw away a lot of stuff and also organized it in the lockers, bookcases, and cabinet. I am planning to go again this week and hopefully will be done.

Monday and Tuesday were an easy 3 miles. There was an incident at school on Monday and I was still upset and angry on Tuesday morning. My heart rate was high that not even walking brought it down. Then I started thinking about quitting or taking FMLA and it went down. So weird and understandable. Let me tell you what happened. One of the administrators told me that a parent had called to complain about me. Apparently I yell all day to the students. This parent also said that her daughter is afraid to log in and ask me questions because she is afraid of me. I was FUMING. I was so angry that I cried. And then I was angry for letting it get to me. We just finished week #5 of remote learning and not one thank you from parents.

I finished September with 86.06 miles. So close to 100 miles.

Thursday morning I was so tired and did not want to get up. I had a workout that I was excited to do but no energy. I finally got up to run because I did not want to break my run streak (day 34) and also because it was a new month and I had new shoes to wear. I bought them last year and am finally wearing them now.

I felt so much better on Friday and did Thursday’s workout. I ran 5 miles with a few 1/4 mile tempo repeats. The required pace for each repeat was 11:10/mile. I was actually surprised when I saw my splits.

On Saturday I had to run 4 miles with the last mile being at HMP (11:30-11:45). I guess I had more energy than I thought.

Overall I am pleased with this week. I ran again 7 days and have been feeling good. Well, except for Thursday when I was very tired. I have not given it more thought to Monday’s incident but have spoken to a few parents whose child has been a bit “difficult”. I have a few students that have done zero work and others that like to goof off and distract and think it is fun to do so. Umm, absolutely NOT.

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26 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Week #1 of training for a 5k and new shoes

  1. Wow, I definitely can’t imagine that you would ever be yelling at any of your students all the time. Everyone is so on edge now, including the kids. 🙁 Glad you’re feeling better about that incident.

    Running to the rescue, eh? Glad that running has been a good way for you to run off stress!

  2. Wow. Just reading about that incident made me so upset for you. For a parent to outright lie about you is very concerning. I’m also annoyed that you haven’t received any thank you from parents. I don’t think people realize just how much teachers are dealing with currently.

    I hope that things go better for you this week – thank goodness for running!

    • Thanks, Kim. I know is is tough for everyone but give us a break. How would parents feel if I criticize their parenting skills? I won’t do it because I know they are doing their best with ONE or TWO children.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that a parent complained about you. It happens to me sometimes too and it’s hard to shake it off. One time I had a kid bite me and the mom didn’t apologize or anything. I feel sorry for the kids because those parents don’t know how to parent. Hang in there. Your job is incredibly tough. But you are doing something good and valuable. Don’t let one bad parent ruin your mojo.

  4. How frustrating for you. I am seeing a lot of complaints from local parents who didn’t “realize” how much they would need to be involved with distance learning or virtual school, so you know those students aren’t being supervised. Even A gets frustrated when kids act out in chat. His teachers handle it quickly, but I can’t imagine how mortified I would be as a parent if A did anything like that. People have truly forgotten how to behave.

    Love your new shoes.

    • The acting out is what drives me CRAZY. I cannot stand it. I know they are kids and they are tired but so am I. I tell them that they can get up and walk around or take a break, etc. What to goof off? No. I won’t even allow that in my classroom. Some parents are so difficult. I don’t criticize them for their parenting skills so why should they say anything about me knowing that I have so many students?

      Thank you again for your support!!

  5. Ugh, sorry about that complaint. I wonder if they need to turn down the volume on their Zoom 😉 Those new shoes look so cute! I do not have restraint to save new shoes for so long.

    • They need to be quiet and not complain about me teaching their child. They should be happy I am doing it knowing it isn’t easy for me. Ugh, so annoying.

      My problem is that I buy too many shoes. I haven’t bought any in a few month so I have quite a stash. Now I am wearing them in the order I bought them (a little picky here) and I think I have enough for next year and maybe 2022. 🙂

  6. Wow, what a stressful week. That’s a lot to deal with. I hope it gets better. What a tough year for teachers 🙁 So sorry you’re dealing with all that Zenaida.

    • Thanks, Jessie. I am learning to deal with everything going on. Now I am happy that I can log off at the end of the work day and focus on me. And my cats too. 🙂

  7. Congrats on a great week of running and your unbroken streak. Have fun planning your 5k! I’m going after a sub 30 5k like nobody’s business after my half next weekend.

    I don’t even know what to say about those parents, except to give you a big ol’ internet hug.

    • Everyone is going through a rough time right now. Let’s all just be nice. I am working so hard to be patient and helpful during remote learning. I know it isn’t easy for the kids and their parents but still there is no need to complain about me when I have so many students. That is not my fault.

      My PR is 29 minutes from 2011. I want to beat that time but who knows.

  8. I’m sorry about the incident with the parent! That is so upsetting that no one has thanked you yet. There is alot of uncertainty in our district too about when we will go back to the buildings. At first they said January, then October/November, and now it sounds like just a few small special ed schools will have in person learning staring in November. I hope that it goes well if you do go back soon!

    • I remember during Open House in the summer I had so many parents thanking me. I was not expecting it at all. It was really nice. Some of the students have said nice things to me.

      A survey was sent to parents asking if they want their child to start hybrid or continue remote learning. They are supposed to respond by tomorrow (Wednesday). I know students want to go back to the classroom and I think parents too but I wonder if it is for the “right” reason.

  9. Congrats on keeping your streak going strong! Sorry about the incident with the parent, as well as the uncooperative students whose parents aren’t doing anything about it. Hugs to you, teaching is one of the toughest jobs <3

    • Thanks, Kim. I may not have the best class management but I am trying and it is hard with so many students. Will it be different and better in the classroom? Absolutely. There won’t be kids jumping on the bed or making all of those silly faces. Yes, I can see everything. 🙂

  10. So sorry to read about the stressful incident at school. I must admit, I am happy I retired before the pandemic. All the extra preparation and anxiety on top of an already stressful job. Ugh! You should be congratulated for hanging in there. I’m sure your students appreciate you. Most of the parents too. Sending virtual hugs. I know what a tough job you are doing right now!

    • My students do appreciate me. They have said nice things to me. But not one single parents which annoys me. I don’t expect them anything grand but a simple thank you. And yes I do thank them whenever I communicate with them.

      I am sure every teacher is happy to be retired. I cannot imagine any of them would want to come back to substitute teach.

  11. I am so sorry to hear that you had such a tough week and that not only was there a complaint about you, but that no parents have expressed their appreciation for what you do for their children. I hope this week goes much better!

  12. My heart goes out to you. I know this is such a hard time for teachers with all of the challenges. That sucks on the comments from that parent. Clearly you know you are not always yelling, and it’s just this kid’s perception. I hope it all gets worked out. That’s a tough situation for both of you 🙁 Loving the new shoes!

    • Thanks, friend. This school situation is obviously NOT what I was expecting. It was so much easier and better in the Spring. I had fewer students and it was a long school day either. Need to be positive! 🙂

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