Is it Sunday again? I guess the days go by fast when you are having fun. 🙂 Another week of some great runs. This week was mostly easy runs with 3 days of some faster paces. I did the same workout on Friday and today and finished today’s workout a minute faster.

The weather was so weird. Most of the days I wore tights and a jacket. Thursday morning it rained and then the temperature went up to 70 degrees. Maybe 80? The next morning it was still warm and I ran in tank top and shorts. Of course then it got cold again.

I don’t like to procrastinate (but do know that sometimes one must do it). I’ve had some great runs when I waited till later in the day to run. Friday morning I was checking out the Target website and saw an offer to sign up for their Shipt membership for $49 (regular price is $99). I didn’t sign up. Didn’t sign up Saturday either. Sunday morning I wanted to sign up but the offer was not available anymore. I got in touch with their customer service department hoping they would extend their offer but they wouldn’t. I am debating if I want to sign up anyway. I love Target but don’t really need to be going there all of the time.

This week was not that exciting. Haha, no school drama. Friday was an Institute Day and we learned the process, procedures, and schedules for when the students go back to school. Still no word when that will be, but so far teachers are still required to go back November 9. That may change. Numbers are still going up.

No excuses but I finally voted! Don’t know why I waited so long since the voting place is across the street from where I live.

I am happy with all of my runs. My coach uses TrainingPeaks to upload my workouts every Sunday. I do get excited when I check it out and see what he has planned for me. Is that weird?

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    • I had never used it till now with my current coach. I have the free version and in order to get additional data about my runs, I need to upgrade. Not sure how I feel about that.

  1. No it’s not weird to be excited at seeing your weekly training plan (or if it is you’re in good company;-) The one time I did a structured plan I would always set up each week’s workouts in my Garmin on Sunday.

    Boo to Shipt. For years now we’ve been ordering my stepsons’ favorite cereal 10 boxes at a time with free shipping and 5% off my red card and I was very put out when I went to reorder it this week and found that Target now wants to charge us for the privilege…hard pass on that.

    • I’ve gotten into the habit of setting up my runs into my Garmin as soon as I can just in case it ever goes down again. I wouldn’t know what to do! 🙂

      Well Target does offer free delivery for orders over $35. Shipt is for same day delivery. After chatting with a few agents, I was able to get the offer for $49 and I immediately signed up.

  2. The weather has been crazy here this week too – foggy, humid, unseasonably warm – but then today we’re back to the 30s/40s, it’s crazy!

    I’m glad that there was no school drama this week. You deserve a week off from all the drama – you’ve been dealing with a lot!

  3. Well, that’s convenient voting for sure! Glad your running is going well, even if your weather has been unpredictable. I sort of missed out on the InkNBurn holiday pre-order this week, but they had to cut it short and hopefully will do it again. Last year I FORGOT to hit “buy” and was so bummed when mine never came. :-O

    It will be interesting to see what your school does.

  4. Yay for voting! 🙂 I mailed mine in quite a while ago. Are those the oiselle firecracker pants? I can’t believe it was warm enough to run in a tank top, so jealous!!

    • I think those are the pants. Aren’t they awesome? I want to get the jacket too but I also have the lightning layer and that helps a lot.

      We need to coordinate another outfit!

  5. Glad to hear that your running is going well.

    Our weather has been mostly good. But the temps vary. One it’s on the 40s and the next in the 70s. I am often over dressed or under dressed.

    Our voting started yesterday but the lines were too long. I did vote today.

    Can’t wait until Nov 3.

  6. The weather is being weird all over I think. We are having unseasonably hot temps even for Florida. We’ve had some of the hottest days on record for October this month! I am excited for a cold front coming through early November.

  7. We had crazy weather this week too! Whenever I’ve had a coach I’ve been excited to look at my next week of training. It’s fun to see what workouts are up next!

  8. It seems like the Midwest was plagued with crazy weather last week. This next week is looking to start out chilly, but warm up by Wednesday…fingers crossed! Great job with your streaking! The hubs and I mailed our votes a couple weeks ago. Glad to have that done 😉

  9. Not at all weird to be excited by your workouts, and congrats on finishing more quickly. I love your black and white tights!
    Haven’t voted yet, hoping for Tuesday morning when polls open ay 7

  10. Sounds like your training plan is going well. That is exciting! I’m surprised Target didn’t give you the deal. I just got done emailing P&G about our new Tide laundry detergent in hopes they can reimburse me for my detergent. It’s a new product for us and the smell is overwhelming! My family can’t stand it.

  11. So glad your running continues to go well! And yay for no school drama this week!

    How nice to have your polling place so close – I voted this past week too!

  12. We had plans to drop off our ballots this weekend, but it didn’t happen for obvious reasons. We’ll get it done.

    No drama at school is really good!

    I did get to wear a skirt for one of my walks this week. I wore capris for the first time yesterday and so glad I did!

  13. Yay for great runs!

    I went to vote yesterday. I was hoping to go last week, but we had the painter at the house and then I was down with a migraine. The early voting location is different from my regular polling location, but it all worked out.

    I hope they get a solid return plan for you. Things are going well here, i think, but they are also covering up a lot of numbers so it’s not a fair playing field.

  14. You really did have all the seasons in one week!

    Here’s hoping your transition back into the classroom goes well. Our younger students (K-2nd) returned to in-school classes two days a week this past week.

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