This week was another good week of running.  Today is day #79 of my run streak.  Remember how last week we had some warm weather?  Well, this week it felt like Winter.  Not happy about it but it is what it is.

Easy runs are always my favorite but I also enjoy some speed workouts.  Tuesday was again 6×2 minute intervals with 2 minute recovery.  It went well but I laughed at the end of the workout.  I might have walked for another minute to get past 4 miles.  I blame it on the last recovery because I walked for the whole 2 minutes.  I was really tired.

Friday was another 4 mile progressive run and that felt hard.  Not hard that I could not do it but hard that I had to stop a few times.  Nothing wrong with stopping but for the past progressive runs I’ve been able to run the whole thing without stopping.

I woke up this morning and saw that it was very windy outside.  I had to run 4.5 miles with the last mile at a faster pace.  Honestly, I didn’t want to do it.  It was in the mid 50s which was nice for November.  But that wind.  I made it to 2.51 miles.  I could not keep going.  The wind wore me out.

I did this 20 minute Beyoncé Run.  I am not a big fan of her and I thought it was OK. 

I guess this week I just felt blah.  I woke up Tuesday morning more tired than usual.  I had parent/teacher conferences that day and I wasn’t really looking forward to them.  After my run, I showered, changed, ate, and went to bed for a few minutes.  I thought I had a fever but I didn’t.  

Starting tomorrow we are under another stay-at-home order.  I get the reason.  What I don’t understand is why people are so selfish and don’t wear a mask.  

This made me laugh!

Any Grey’s Anatomy fans?  Derek!!!  I know he isn’t coming back, but it was good to see him.  

I mentioned that Tuesday was Parent/Teacher Conferences.  I have 27 students and was planning to have 26 conferences.  One of my students is new so no point in having a conference at all.  Out of 26 students,  22 parents scheduled a conference.  I sent them several reminders.  The Principal sent several reminders.  However, only 13 parents showed up.  A few mentioned that they got out of work late or had a prior commitment and got out late.  One parent contacted me asking the time of her child’s conference.  I told her that she never scheduled one.  She then said that she was waiting for me to schedule it.  The instructions clearly said to click on the link to schedule an appointment.  Seriously, I just can’t.  I do want to have a good relationship with parents because after all it is a tough time for them and their child, but I am getting tired of them being so irresponsible.

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  1. Ha ha I had a 3.99 mile workout a few weeks ago! Not a big deal, just a bit humorous. Good luck with the parents (not the kids, the parents).

  2. I’m so happy that Grey’s Anatomy is back! I enjoyed seeing Derek but it made me a little nervous that Meredith saw him. I am assuming she has Covid but I hope they will not kill off her character.

    Sorry about the parent-teacher conferences 🙁 You did the bet that you could do by sending reminders and so did the principal, but totally understand why you are frustrated.

  3. When I hear these parent horror stories, I runfess I feel like mom of the year. I’d never even think of pulling crap like that or being so irresponsible. Yeah our weather was so nice there for a bit….until it wasn’t. Now it feels like Christmas!

  4. I always try to run a little extra so that i don’t end on .99. When I sync my Garmin and Strava it takes away a little bit of distance for some reason. Sorry about the parent teacher conferences!

  5. Hey, Iowa has those same temperature changes LOL Congrats on keeping the streak going strong! I can totally relate to the wind, but for me it’s been more on the bike than on foot. That said, I went for a walk this afternoon, and it was almost impossible to walk with that headwind.

  6. I could not help myself but to watch Grey’s. I thought the first hour was so depressing! I was happy to see Derek but I know he is not staying. Chicago is crazy right now hang in there and keep on running

  7. Welcome to my world, lol! As I always say, ‘you need a license to fish, but anyone can be a parent’…. I feel your pain!!!

    Yeah, no running yesterday. Actually I didn’t do much of anything. That wind!

  8. Hooray for McDreamy!!

    Boo on winter weather.

    Windy today too…don’t want to go outside and it’s only November.

  9. Times are just so tough on everyone right now, but I totally get your frustration. People can be awfully selfish, too.

    I was very tired last week too. Still tired. Not outright sick (thankfully) but run down. Tis the season, I guess.

    I did a cooldown walk at the end of Friday’s run and forgot to stop my Garmin. It tracked the mileage on the ride home! That gave me a chuckle.

  10. You are always welcome to vent. I remember that I totally blanked on one conference for A, back when he was in second grade. I was MORTIFIED, and was almost in tears when I had to explain that I just forgot. I felt like the worst parent and it has never happened again.

    • I am trying very hard to be patient and understanding but sometimes I just have enough of it and want to tell the parents to start behaving like parents. Then I would probably get in trouble. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. It’s no wonder children can’t follow directions if their parents can’t… Sorry your parent/teacher conferences were such a pain and hope this week is going better.

    Stay safe!

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