How is it that the days/weeks are going by so fast?   Every day it is the same routine.  Get up, drink coffee, go run, and start work.  As much as I am tired of working from home, gosh, I am also saving so much time and money.  

This week I got my new watch.  I thought the paces were off in my 225 so I ordered the 235 from Amazon.  It turns out the paces were correct.  This new watch gives me new features such as race predictors, run indoors, and VO2 Max.  I love the color too.  Not sure how accurate the race predictors are but they gave me hope for some nice PRs next year.

This week I had some easy runs along with a mix of half mile intervals and another progressive run.  Oh and I ran 4.8 miles on Friday for my birthday.  It was actually warm on Friday and I even ran in shorts.  In previous years it’s either been cold or I’ve run in the snow.  My coach left it up to me to do whatever workout I wanted to do.  I just chose to run easy and by feel.  

Today’s 4.5 miles went well.  It wasn’t cold and I did get a little too warm.  These past few days I’ve noticed some tightness in my chest which is mostly likely due to anxiety.  I’ve never had this happen to me.  At least I don’t remember.  Let’s hope I can relax and take it easy this week.

Of course this does not help.

Just want to share these pictures because it makes me smile.  I rarely see them together because Lola cannot stand Mateo.  She is always growling and hissing when he comes near her.

Oh and no school drama.  Whew, what a relief.  I kept reminding my students that we only have school on Monday and Tuesday and then we will be off the rest of the week for Thanksgiving.  They had asked me if one day we could have lunch together.  Isn’t that sweet?  So, that is what we will be doing on Tuesday.  We will have lunch together, watch a movie, and play some games.

That is all for this week. The most exciting things were my new watch and my birthday!

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27 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Week #8 of training for a 5k and a new watch

  1. Great week of running for you! I have that watch and I really like it. The race predictions on mine seem a bit ambitious though, at least for the longer races. Hope you had a great birthday!

  2. Wow, you ran every day this week! Nice job Zenaida. I used to have that watch and I loved it. It died and I downgraded to the 35. I don’t need all the bells and whistles.

  3. I have the 235 as well. The race predictors are pure fantasy, at least for me. This is the 3rd Garmin that I’ve had and I feel like they’ve all been dead on for distance. Happy Birthday!

  4. Awesome job on your runs this week and I love your new watch, especially the color of the band. Awwe the photos of your cats is so cute! Nice to see them getting along.

    Happy Birthday! So glad that you had an awesome day 🙂

  5. That is sweet about having lunch and a fun day with the students 🙂 I loved my 235 watch. The race predictor makes me laugh though. For some reason I can’t find those values on my new 645. I wonder if it still does that. hmmm. Enjoy the watch!

  6. Aww, look at Matteo & Lola! I used to say that Puss hated Cleo til the day Cleo died, but I have some photos of them cuddly (they weren’t buddies either, but they lived together for 16 years.

    You are just so consistent with your workouts! Nice job!

    I think pretty much everyone is on edge right now. 🙁

  7. Glad you had a nice birthday! And the bonus was getting to run in shorts! My birthday is in March, and it’s always a crap shoot if I’ll get to wear shorts or not LOL Great job on the streaking!

  8. Yay on your birthday run — and birthday Starbucks? No school drama is a nice gift too. How sweet your students want to eat lunch with you. Glad you can work that out.

    Thanks for the birthday giveaway – what a generous idea!

    And thanks for being a great secret Santa!

    • I liked my Starbucks drink but annoyed that I had to redeem it that day. Oh well. At least it is better than nothing. I think Dunkin Donuts gives me a few more days. That reminds me that I need to check the app for the coupon.

  9. I am so jealous of your new watch! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color! I have the 230 in purple, but it’s chugging along so I can’t justify replacing it.

    Yay for no school drama! That’s the best birthday gift of all. 😀

  10. Great job on your running – You are killing it.

    and happy birthday. Love your new watch. I have the 230 in purple (though I rarely use it).

    Enjoy your lunch – that is so cool!!

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