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I am thankful every single day for everything I have.  But now with this pandemic, I am even more thankful.  I know it is tough for everyone.

I am very thankful for running.   It is my ME time.  I listen to music, think about my day, or cry.   Let me tell you other reasons why I am thankful for running.

🟣 You.  As I mentioned above, it is a tough time for everyone.  However, you’ve all been there for me.  You inspire and motivate me.  You also believe in me.  Oh, and you listen when I complain about the school situation.

🟣 Working with a great coach.  I have known my coach for a few years but this year was the first time working with him.  I have had many great runs and have seen many improvements.  I am very excited to see what I do next year.  Watch out everyone!

🟣 My running shoes and gear.  You all know how much I love my running shoes.  They may be from the same company but I love the feeling of wearing new shoes every couple of months.  What’s not to like about new gear?  I treat myself and love buying some new Oiselle items.  They make me feel good and make me happy too.

🟣 Being outside.  Thanks to Covid, we are “required” to stay home.   If it isn’t for the trip to the grocery store, I wouldn’t even have the chance to go outside.  Running gets me outside even if it is just an hour.  My mother rarely leaves the house and many times I feel bad about it, but I know it is for the best.

🟣 Running streak.  Knock on wood no injuries.  I had plantar fasciitis last year and it was one of the worst injuries.  I began a running streak in August but had to stop running when I quarantined when my mom and sister got Covid.  I started again two weeks later and today it is day #88.  Not sure how long I will keep it going but for now it is a huge motivator for me.

I know it will be different from previous years but I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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27 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Thankful for running

  1. Yes, we need to be thankful, even in these tough times. There’s always something worthy of our gratitude, right? Great job on your streak! I have an appointment with my podiatrist this afternoon, and I’m going to ask him about run streaking…it’s that time of year LOL. My streak runs, if I get his approval, will be very short, the majority of them simple 1-milers. The winter streak is my main coping vice in getting to the Winter Solstice 😉

    • Hope you get good news from the podiatrist! The running streak just happened since I was already running 5-6 days a week. The other day I run for 20 minutes at an easy pace.

  2. Well done on your running streak, Zenaida! You are on fire!
    I’m so glad that running takes me outdoors. It makes a difference to my day and my outlook.
    Would your mum be ok with a walk outside?

  3. Congrats. In spite of everything, you have had a great running year. GL with the streak.

    I don’t run everyday but I do get outdoors. Since Mar 17, I have either walked or hiked or run. I am thankful for being able to get outdoors each day and being healthy

  4. I’m so thankful for the virtual running community, they have really come through during these crazy times!

    Running and being outside has been such a help for me, so I’m grateful that I can still appreciate fresh air and nature!

  5. So much to be thankful for with running. I love getting outdoors, getting exercise, traveling to different places for races, but most of all, I love the people I have met (both in real life and virtually) through running.

    So cool that you have an 88-day run streak going! Good luck with it!

  6. Congrats on the running streak and so happy you’re staying healthy and injury free! And glad you have a coach you love, that’s important. Getting outside is one of the most important reasons I am so grateful for running. I wonder if I would even leave the house some days if not for running!

    Thanks for hosting the link-up!

  7. Nice work on that run streak! Running just brings out the gratitude, doesn’t it? We get to do something that is so challenging. And we love it! Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. My mom only really gets to go out (aside from walking around the building) when she goes to the doctor. It is sad.

    Running injury free is always something to be grateful for! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Zenaida.

  9. I remember being cooped up inside when we were under full lockdown and I yearned to be outside. I think that made me appreciate running more than ever before. I thing running is truly what’s gotten me through some tough days. All that goes with it – the running gear, the online running community, the occasional PBs, the bad runs that teach you! All of it, I love it all.

  10. While at this point I’m over virtual races, I’m thankful we had something to get us through this summer because I probably would have stopped running entirely if we hadn’t had smaller goals to shoot for. I don’t do well when I have to run without goals in sight. I’m glad you got to participate in some virtual challenges with friends-that makes all the difference!

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