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No doubt this has been an interesting year.  I started off the year with a few races in my calendar.  Now I don’t remember how many but I do remember that a couple were half marathons in various states.  I was really hoping to complete my goal of running a half marathon in each state.  Maybe 2022?

I may not have run many races but I have been busy running all of the miles.  Those that have been reading along know I started working with a coach in May.  I have made many improvements and each month have also increased my mileage.  And let’s not forget my running streak!  🙂

Here is a list of the races I ran this year.  They were not all live races but I still ran and got some swag (except the last one).  

Publix Atlanta Half MarathonThis was only real race I ran this year in March.  It was hilly and hard.  I had more fun spectating the Olympic Marathon Trials the day before.  The medal was OK but I definitely earned it.

The Great Run Across Illinois – I did this with Marcia.  The goal was to run 210 miles and we did  it.  I did not order the medal but did get a shirt. 

Quad-City Times Bix 7 – A virtual race done with friends too.  Thanks to Kim for organizing the group!  We had lots of run coordinating our outfits.  Running 7 miles was not easy due to the heat but still made the best of it.   No medal but I got a shirt as well. 

California Coast 500 Challenge – I did this with my BibRave Pro friends.  The goal was to run 250 miles from June 8-September 7.  I wasn’t sure if I would complete it because I had to quarantine and could not leave my house (I don’t have a treadmill either).  I needed about 20 more miles.  Once I was able to run outside, I got it done.  However, I then found out that the deadline had been extended due to the fires happening at that time.  I did get a medal, but got the wrong one.  I was told that I could send it back and I would get the correct one.  I got lazy and just kept it.  🙂 I also got a shirt.

Unofficial virtual 5K – I had to add this one.  No medal and no shirt, but being proud of meeting my goal.

Overall, it wasn’t too bad.  Like many of you, I made the best of it.  I got 2 medals and 3 shirts.  I like the shirts that I got.  They’re soft and comfortable.  They’re a reminder of the challenges I did during this “awful” time.

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21 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My year in bling

  1. I did get some bling but not excited about ones that were virtual.

    I forgot about all the shirts and gaiters I got. They were all very useful.

  2. I’m so glad we Bix’d together! That’s definitely a real race you should consider sometime…it’s hilly, and it’s always hot and humid, but that’s part of its charm 😉

  3. I remember you running the Atlanta half marathon earlier this year. Well deserved!

    I like how you did some alone and some with friends – such a nice way to do races, especially virtual ones!

  4. The unofficial 5k is the best one, so great to see hard work pay off.

    Ugh those Atlanta hills…I had no idea what I was in for!

  5. You have set yourself up for a GREAT 2021, Zenaida. My guess is you won’t be really racing until the second half, but then watch out!

    The Atlanta medal is really pretty. I also think if you can do that time in a virtual 5k, there’s definitely a chance you can better it in a RL one — although of course we never know what the day will give us!

  6. Don’t worry, the 50 states will happen! While I would certainly have enjoyed running “real” races, I went all in on the virtuals and had a good time in my own way. I added a few medal to my collection and got a few t-shirts that I adore.

  7. Congratulations! I like the T-shirts – cute designs! I’m glad working with a coach has been going so well!

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