Happy New Year!  How is everyone doing?  We had another low key New Year’s Eve.  My sister and nephew came over.  We ate and played lotería and then they left.  The rest of us ended up going to bed at 9pm. 

I got off on the right foot this week but then towards the end it all went down.  We got snow and it made it tricky to run outside.  

On Wednesday I went to the gym but could not stand being there.  The treadmill was shaking so much and the pace was way off between the treadmill and my watch.  I ran 2 miles and left.  

I went out the next day but then more snow was coming down.  It got slippery and I didn’t want to run too long.  Friday was the same.  Ugh!  I hate this weather.  I hate even more that I don’t have a treadmill at home.  The reason I went to the gym is because I got a free one week trial but it was very uncomfortable there.

I retired the Brooks Ghost 12 and am now running in the Launch 5.  

I am sad Winter Break is over.  I wished I had another week.  These 2 weeks sure went by too fast.  I spent time watching “Criminal Minds” and relaxing with the cats.

What exactly defines a run streak?  I was hoping to do at least one mile but this weather is not being friendly and sometimes one mile is not possible.  My streak, my rules, right?  🙂

I know I can stop any time I want but I realized that this run streak is not about doing said streak.  To me it is about being able to run outside.  Like everyone else I am so tired of being indoors.  I look forward to running outside every day even if it is just half a mile.  

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33 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Week #4 of training for a 10k and what defines a run streak?

  1. I really like Elizabeth Clor’s philosophy on streaks. She did several this year, ending them when her body told her it was ready to, so in her words “you control when the streak ends and not vice versa”…I think you took it one level up that you’re in charge of how long the run is. There’s no rule that says it has to be a given distance. Running in winter is tough and the fact that you’ve made it this far says a lot.

    • I remember reading that post. I don’t mind too much Winter running but I just dislike the snow. Most of the snow has melted so I will be heading out in a bit.

  2. That’s a bummer about the gym – I’m sorry that you didn’t have a good experience there 🙁 Sounds like they need to update their treadmills. Outdoor running in the Winter is rough but I hope that the snow/ice melts away soon.

  3. Your streak, your rules! I think any amount of running counts. I know alot of people aim for a mile, but in that weather you are doing the best you can! Great job! Good luck with your return to work this week.

  4. Kitty looks so regal!
    Sorry to hear you’ve had winter running frustration. Hope the weather is on the mend soon. Don’t blame you for not feeling comfortable in the gym. I’m not ready yet either

  5. Bummer about the gym…at least it was a free trial! I am grateful to have a treadmill as I would not want to go to a gym right now, but probably would if that was my only option.

    Hopefully warmer temps and clear paths are their way! We’ve having a warm-up here and things are melting and often our weather heads your way!

  6. I agree. Your streak, your rules. You are doing great with it. I would have quit after a week.

    Winter is really tough. I have to drive to find some clear roads so it’s hard to run much during the week.

    Hope winter gives up both a break.

  7. At CrossFit, they are doing a run streak. Their rule is at least a mile a day. I chose not to participate because my body needs breaks. But I agree, your streak, your rules.

    • In the beginning i had every intention of having it be at least one mile. However, now the weather conditions didn’t make that happen. At least I am out there doing something.

  8. That’s too bad you had such bad vibes from the gym. As much as I detest treadmill running, I am quite grateful to have one at my disposal. That said, my ‘mill is going on 20 years of age, and I suspect she’s gonna have the last laugh and bite the dust when I need her LOL My main goal with my run streaks is discipline. Just being able to get outside, daily, is HUGE for me. I’ve done eight winter streaks now, and the past six have blessed me with being able to do all the runs outside. Even though my streak is done, I’m hoping for a somewhat mild winter so I can be outside as much as possible. Midwest winters kinda suck!

    • That is how I am seeing it too…just being able to get outside. Of course I could also also but that bores me. 🙂 Wow, 20 years? I hope one day to get the Peloton treadmill. And yes midwest winters suck!

  9. Your streak, your rules, for sure! Maybe you should include walking, which is lest risky in the snow? My neighborhood sidewalks are so slippery even when they are just wet, It’s scary! Vacation is never long enough, is it? I’m not looking forward to my 5 am alarm tomorrow!

    • After your reading your comment I realized that yes I should have included walking. I don’t like to just walk (I get bored) but I could have walked to complete one mile. Oh well, next time! 🙂

  10. Your streak, your rules, for sure! I swear I didn’t look at Coco’s post when I wrote that! Better safe than sorry. I am grateful to have my treadmill, most days I get out there at some point, but not always to run. There’s walking, there’s shoveling . . .

    I’m really sorry that Winter is making it so hard for you. Do you have yaktrax or something like that? I like my screw shoes (although I’m still really cautious when it’s iffy, obviously). But maybe that would help you keep your streak alive.

    I was in bed a bit after 9:30 on NYE. Which is late for me, LOL!

    Love the photos of you with the cats. Happy New Year, Zenaida!

      • Happy that you are able to run safely outside again. We got more snow, but not much, so there’s just a little bit covering the grass right now.

        We’ve been lucky so far — it’s often far colder at this time of year.

  11. I completely agree – your streak, your rules! Winter running can be so tricky. The potential of falling on black ice is just not worth the risk. Do what you can when you can.

    I hope your return to work goes smoothly!

    • I agree! It scares me. No one wants to fall. It’s been 3 days being back at work and I an exhausted again. So many things to complain about right now but I won’t. I am tired of being tired.

  12. We were supposed to start school tomorrow, but it seems all the teachers are having a welcome back thing this week, so …. no assignments and no live lessons. Cue all the tears.

    I think we will hike instead.

    I’m sorry the gym was so uncomfortable. I hate being there right now, and so I just don’t go.

  13. Wonky treadmills are the worst! Good for you for getting out there and running in the snow and cold weather. I enjoy learning new things on your blog – I had to Google Loteria! I hope back to school is going OK 🙂

  14. I always defined a streak as one mile a day. I think that came from Runner’s World because that’s how I first started doing streaks. I plan on doing a few monthly streaks this year once my leg is fully healed up but I rarely streak for more than a month- my body just can’t handle running every day very often. But like you said, it’s up to you- there’s no official streak police! 😉

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