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Oh, 2020.  We will never stop talking about it.  It wasn’t all that bad.  Here are some of my six favorite things of 2020.

Favorite Day.  It was September 9th.  That day we celebrated my mother’s birthday.  A few weeks ago she had tested positive for Covid.  She got tested again and on the 8th her results came back negative.  Happy she was able to celebrate another birthday.

Favorite Group Run.  We did not run together but we all ran at the same time in different locations.  It was a HOT day too in Chicago!

Favorite Cat Photo.  This was hard to pick.  I have so many photos of them but chose this one because they’re both being nice to each other and enjoying life in the balcony.  I love my balcony.  As you know last year my mother and I spent hours there since we couldn’t go anywhere.  I felt bad for her because at least I could go outside to run and to the store for errands but not her.  She only left the house to go back and forth to my sister’s condo and my apartment.

Favorite Run.  For 9 weeks I trained for a 5k.  I had many great and not so great runs.  Then in December everything came together.  My coach had picked the date for this race but I did it before.  I was out for a run and I was feeling good.  The weather was perfect too and I went for it.  

Favorite Purchase.  I love Picky Bars but this Drizzle is AMAZING.  It can be eaten with apples, oatmeal, yogurt, bread, etc.  I have eaten it straight from the jar too.   If you can interested in joining the Picky Club, click on this link to get $10 off.

Favorite Thing I Found while Decluttering.  Can you find me in this magazine?  The photo is from when I ran my first marathon, The Chicago Marathon, in 2006.  I remember submitting it but didn’t think it would be selected for the magazine.  It was published in “Chicago Athlete” in March 2007.

This was another fun topic.  It was great going through my photos and remembering that not everything in 2020 was horrible.  One of the most difficult things was finding ways to make eLearning/Remote Learning work.  Months later I think I figured it out.  40 kids in my classroom?  Sure, why not?  Haha, JK.

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16 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My six favorites of 2020

  1. I love your 6 favourites, Zenaida! The photo of you in the 2006 magazine is a perfect one of you. You should actually try to get that it enlarged.
    Getting remote learning to work with 40 kids is a success you can be very, very proud of.

  2. Oh I love that photo in the magazine as well as the message below about runners! The cats have identical poses, I think only the tail is different!

    As for 40 kids online?! Did (do) you have a teaching assistant to help out? That’s crazy, especially with kids that age. Well done for surviving.

    • Isn’t that a great message? I love it! I don’t have 40 students and don’t want to. Limit is 30 and anything more than that the District would have to pay me extra.

  3. This was a great topic. Not as hard as I thought.

    I love how how interpreted differently.

    You had some really nice memories.

  4. You have lots of great memories from 2020! Love your cats enjoying the balcony.

    I didn’t think about favorite photos of the furkids, although frankly sometimes it’s still kind of painful looking at Lola’s photos. OTOH, my FB memory today was a video of Chester & Lola playing & that made me laugh. 🙂

    LOL at your comments at how you are handling the remote learning & increased class size! Teachers are really SO creative now!

  5. Neat memories!! That’s exciting your pic was featured in the Chicago Athlete magazine!

  6. Oh, gosh! That magazine was such a fun find!

    New snacks are always a good thing to love and those pics oof your cats are so cute. I’m so glad you had an amazing birthday with your mom!

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