Sigh, I this weather is really messing up my training.  I runfessed in Friday’s post that I don’t feel like I am getting any good workouts this month.  I was reminded that it is Winter.  It is cold.  I should be glad to be out there.  Those points are so true.  The good news is I finished the month with 64.55 miles and 156 days in my run streak.

We got snow on Monday evening.  Luckily Tuesday I worked from home.  I also ran 2 miles.  I live close to an elementary school and the workers had cleaned up the sidewalk and it was perfect for running.  

The rest of the week were easy miles around the school again.  There was still ice on the sidewalk and I took it easy but still did not want to run more than one mile.  

More snow on Saturday.  It may look pretty but it makes it difficult to run or walk.  This morning I went out but could not run 1 mile (I mostly walked).  But you bet I still counted today as part of my run streak.

Who knows now how long it will take for the snow to melt.  For now that means lots of easy runs.  Once the wether improves then I can start again or resume training for a 10k.

On a positive note and a perfect way to end this month is that I got an email from my school district and I signed up to get the first vaccine on Tuesday.  Yay!  My mother will be going next Monday.  I am trying to get an appointment for her on the same day that I will get mine.  But if that doesn’t work out then we are still both set to get the vaccine.

To start off the new month tomorrow.  I have deleted all of my emails from my work inbox.  I has so many and it was driving me crazy.  We used to use Outlook and one of the features I loved about it is that I was able to create folders and move emails to the folders.  With Gmail I can create labels but the emails are still in my inbox.  

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  1. That’s great that you and your mom can both get the vaccine soon! I use outlook and move my emails to folders- I’m not sure what I would do without that feature! I bet it was a good feeling to clear out your inbox.

  2. Wow, so much snow there this week! You did an awesome job of still getting out there for your runs, despite the not-so-great weather conditions.

    I am so happy for you about getting the vaccine, and love that your mom is going to get it as well!

  3. So excited for you and your mom to receive the vaccine! It feels so freeing to be vaccinated, even though we still have to wear masks. Still waiting for my 88 year old FIL to get his. Sigh.

  4. So excited for you and your mom to both get the vaccine! Mt mom got appointments for herself and my stepdad for next Saturday, and we are all so excited for them.

    I do love all that snow. It’s obviously much different looking at it from Florida, but it’s just so pretty.

  5. I have a feeling now that you’ll be able to carry your streak through February. Yes it’s going to be hard but you’ve gotten it this far. I used to say that I would never do a streak but now I seem to be running 6 days a week so…maybe I’ll do one between my two vaccine appointments whenever that happens. I’m team Inbox Zero so if I couldn’t move my work emails out of my inbox I would not be able to function.

    • OMG, yes! If I can make it through these past weeks with cold weather and snow, then February will be “easy”. I was already running 5-6 days a week so that is one of the reasons I decided to do this streak. What helps is that my easy runs I run them very slow. My coach showed me how to make folders in my inbox. Ha, I am still moving/deleting emails.

  6. That’s great news on the vaccine!! Great job on the continued streaking, too…I know how tough that can be in the crazy weather. Our snow didn’t arrive until late yesterday afternoon, but was still coming down this morning…a real wet & heavy snow. Yuck!

  7. Wait, I move g-mail emails into folders? Maybe you have a different version?

    Yay on getting the vaccine appointment! That’s great news.

    Way to keep up your run streak. I took Scooby out for a walk today and with a bit of sleet on top of.a bit of snow, it was treacherous.

    • I did do the categories just like you told me but my coach showed me how to make actual folders and move them there. Perhaps that is what you also meant? Well, I am glad now I know because it makes it easier to control the bunch of emails.

  8. geez!!! all that snow!!! I would also have less workouts in that. You do what you can!

    glad you have an appt!! I wish all the states would get there ish together 🙁 My 71 year old dad with cancer can’t get an appointment in Albuquerque but my 52 year old school friend with autoimmune disease already got in in Alamogordo. Same state!!! UGH. Not saying my friend shouldn’t have gotten it but come on!!

    I would love to empty my work email but I might get in trouble for that LOL !!

  9. Way to keep the streak alive despite our crazy weather. That’s great you’ll be getting the vaccine and I hope your mom can too. There is none available up here for seniors yet. My husband drove my in laws 1.5 hours away to get it and I have no clue where they’ll get their second dose. It’s been a frenzy.

  10. I definitely think you get an A for effort, Zenaida! Better to keep it easy than to get injured. We got 6″ last week, and another storm today (or so they say).

    My mom is supposed to get vaccinated this week, but everything seems pretty screwed up here still so we’ll see. I really don’t expect to get vaccinated for months.

  11. Yay for getting an appointment for getting your Covid vaccination! I have been calling both my mom’s county’s health department and her pharmacy to get her an appointment, but to no avail. Virginia is in last place in getting the vaccine out to its residents…

    We finally got snow yesterday and it’s snowing lightly again today!

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