What a week!  Not much running this week.  I know there are no rules for an “official” run streak but I am aiming for at least one mile.  I don’t venture out too far since it is only a mile and there is still snow and ice out there. I am happy that the school does a good job of cleaning the snow on the sidewalk.

There was still a lot of snow Sunday evening.  We were notified that on Monday teachers could work from home.  My car was covered in snow.  Later than evening I went outside to clean it off and to move it to an area with less snow.

I have no idea how I found the motivation to head out in this cold weather.  But once I was out there it was that bad.  Well, it could have been that I wasn’t out there that long anyway.  I saw a beautiful sunrise on Thursday.  I stopped and stared at it for a few moments.  I felt alone (in a good way) and smiled knowing that things will be better.  Ha, we got more snow that afternoon.

Sunday morning was the coldest day this week for running.  My mother told me not to run.  She then realized I wasn’t going to listen to her so she then told me to be careful. 

This is the forecast for the next 10 days.  It will be warming up!  🙂

And just for fun!

I know that on Friday I mentioned that I was feeling fine after the vaccine.  However, these past few days I have noticed that I am more hungry than usual.  It cannot be because I am running a lot because I am not.  It has to be the vaccine, right?  A few of my coworkers have mentioned that they noticed it too.

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  1. I give you alot of credit for keeping up with your run streak! It can be so tricky to run outside this time of year. Love your sunrise picture!

  2. That meme about the groundhog made me LOL!

    The weather this week was just horrible for outdoor running. I give you so much credit for getting out there every day this week.

  3. wow so you are saying the vaccine is going to make us all gain weight too?! Ha ha I had not heard that very interesting. Stay warm up there! Looks like a good week for Peloton workouts

  4. I’m so over this weather! You know it’s bad when the 20s look good on the forecast!

    Yeah, no to the increased appetite with the vaccine. Sorry….

  5. Your 7 miles is a major win! Sometimes I’ve noticed that when I cut back on workouts I seem to get even hungrier so maybe that’s part of the vaccine appetite increase? Who knows.

  6. But your run streak is still alive and well!! That’s definitely a positive in the midst of all the other stuff going on (weather included). My run on Wednesday was cold, but it was so tranquil, invigorating, and just a wonderful experience. Knock wood, even the two treadmill runs (thus far) have been alright…that’s not something I can usually say LOL Hoping these extreme temps and weather conditions are short-lived.

    • Thank, Kim! I am pleased to continue with this streak. I think now it is a little bit of stubbornness that is a factor. Why stop now since I’ve already made it this far?

  7. For what it’s worth, I have NOT had the vaccine and I was ravenous this week!

    That sunrise is beautiful. Winter sunrises are the best. And your run streak is going strong. Your mom sounds like mine <3

    • Moms always mean well and want us to be careful. I know she does but she knows sometimes I am stubborn. Haha, I should have used that word too to describe myself.

  8. LOL on the groundhog meme! I think most times I’ve run in the cold it hasn’t been as bad as I thought — but it hasn’t been in Chicago!

  9. I laughed when you said “Not running a lot.” You ran everyday and even in those crazy temps – that’s a lot. How long do you plan to continue it? I am in awe.

    I get hungry all the time in the winter…. I want to eat everything. Ok let me blame on the vaccine.

    I hate the cold but I do it too. What choice do we have unless we move south? The wind is what bothers me the worst.

    Hope things warm up for you. Me? I’m skipping town.

  10. If you weren’t outside running you wouldn’t have seen that sunrise! Nice job keeping the streak alive. i hadn’t heard that about the vaccine making you hungry, but it’s interesting- I’m going to ask around on that one. Have a great week!

  11. Way to keep getting out there despite the horrible weather. I am thanking my lucky stars we made it to Florida and are missing all of that. I suppose if you have to have a side effect from the vaccine, hunger is a pretty tame one!

  12. Your meme definitely made me laugh! I agree, it’s far easier to get out there for just a few miles, too.

    The vaccine makes you hungry? REALLY? I haven’t heard that reaction. Maybe it’s just because it’s so cold, though — you need the insulation.

  13. ha! the groundhog meme!!

    I’ll say it again, I do NOT miss those cold Chicago winters. We got 10 inches of snow here and I’ve been out a few times but the novelty has worn off. Enough already! It is fun watching everyone break out their snow gear to attempt to ski and snowboard on our little hill in the park 🙂

    strange that you are more hungry after the vaccine!!

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