What a week!  More snow and more cold weather.  I know Winter is associated with cold weather and snow, but this is just awful.  Even in other parts of the country is colder than normal.





This morning I woke up with a headache.  I usually get them when I don’t get enough sleep or when I am hungry.  Sometimes I get one if I don’t wear my mouth night guard.  I never eat before running but felt a little hungry this morning so I drank coffee and ate a cinnamon bagel.  Then after my run and shower, I ate again.  I still have a slight headache and am still feeling hungry.  I took a Tylenol and will finish reading blog posts from Friday.  I am so behind.  

The most exciting thing this week was taking my mother to the hospital for her first vaccine.  While I appreciate that there was a vaccine for her, I wished it would have been more convenient for those that need to go there.  It was quite a walk to get to the vaccination room (not sure what to call it).  Luckily someone took her in a wheelchair but on the way back she had to walk.  Now, I don’t mind it, but a 70 year old woman should not have to walk that much.  Well, enough ranting about it because as I mentioned earlier, I am happy she can get a vaccine since I know others cannot get it.  We go back on March 1st for her second vaccine and I go March 2nd (I am going to a different location).  

On Tuesday I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few bottles of wine for a virtual wine tasting.  I didn’t realize there were so many options!!  Wow, and the price was decent.  I ended up buying 5 bottles and so far have opened 2.  The red one is really good.

Nothing exciting with school except that the District and School Union have not come to an agreement about this whole going back to school thing.  They’ve had to get the courts involved.  They’re like two big and stubborn babies.  We all want what is best for the students and the teachers.  Someone has to give in.  It’s been one month since teachers have been back in the school building BUT not everyone is doing that.  They are working from home.  Do you know how it makes me feel?  I am going in.  I am dealing with the weather and traffic.  Others are working from the comfort of their own home.  Instead of uniting all teachers, it is dividing us and creating a feeling of annoyance and resentment.  The next court date is sometime this week so you know I will keep you posted.

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  1. Snow, cold and ice were definitely the main themes for this week. Great job getting outdoors from your runs! So glad that your mom was able to get the first vaccine. I scheduled my dad to get his first shot on March 6 since they just opened up appointments for people 70+ on Thursday.

  2. Ugh on all the work drama! It sounds like the government. 🙁

    GREAT job getting out there every day. I don’t know how you do it but you’re awesome!

    As usual, your snow is arriving for us next week.

  3. I’m so glad your mom could get the vaccine and that you can get yours soon too! So sorry about all the school drama. I’ve been following a bit of it on Twitter. Our students start going back in March for a hybrid plan. Most of our teachers still haven’t gotten the vaccine. I just really hope everyone can stay safe.

    • It is drama everywhere! At this point I have no idea when and if we’ll go hybrid. Also, at this point let’s finish the year in remote since we have a few months to go. Why change anything now?

  4. That’s great that your mom got here vaccine. My parents had to wait in line for a while it is a lot for an older person for sure. You all did get lots of snow and freezing temps this week. Way to keep up your run streak during all of this!

  5. The whole school thing has been interesting–I see kids from a variety of school districts and not one is doing things the same. But CPS–what a challenge. I hope that they figure it out soon. Glad your mom got her vaccine! That’s a whole other conversation…

  6. Yes, this whole school think is a mess! What a difficult time to be a teacher. Our schools are hybrid (probably about 50/50 students in school vs. virtual) and both my kids are taking band. The band directors must be tearing their hair out- how do you have a band with half the kids home on their computers? Well… good luck to you. I hope things get resolved. And congratulations on keeping the streak alive!

    • It will be almost a year since we began remote learning and so much has changed. And things are not even better in the school situation. I still think this is all a dream and soon we will wake up.

  7. My parents finally secured a spot on Wednesday for their first round of vaccinations. That’s probably more of a relief to me than them, but it’ll be nice to have everything finished in a few weeks (at least on their end). Your school situation sounds so frustrating…it’s really an insult when you go by all the rules, and others don’t, yet the don’t
    get punished for it. Hugs to you…hope things stabilize.

    • Great news about your parents!! Some of us are annoyed about the school situation. It isn’t that motivating to keep going when others are not punished for not showing up. I mean, there has to be some kind of consequence, right?

  8. I’m so glad your mom was able to get her first vaccine. My parents get their second dose soon, which is such a relief.

    We just got the survey to see if we want to continue with out out-of-district virtual school, or go back to brick and mortar. We all want to go back, but I have a lot of reservations. Our numbers are low, but when the kids have to quarantine, they lose all that instruction time, and we know people who have been out for two or three quarantine periods. That’s not good for learning. We are going to hold our spot for now, because I don’t want to lose the option, but I just don’t even know the right option. Ugh.

  9. I’m jealous of your snow — we’ve just got ice and rain that freezes into ice overnight. I thought I had heard that there was an agreement about reopening schools there? I guess you can’t believe everything you hear on the news. 😉

  10. My in-laws really had to jump through hoops to get their first vaccine and are struggling to find a place to get the second one. Ugh. I cannot believe how you guys are getting slammed with winter since we left. I like a good dump of snow but the storm we had right before we headed to FL was plenty! Don’t get me started on CPS and CTU. Such a frustrating situation.

    • Well, that is interesting that they did not get their second one scheduled. I thought it was done at the same time that the first one is scheduled? At least that is how it was done for the both of us. I know you know this but it is just AWFUL here. The snow just does not stop.

  11. I’m glad your mom got her vaccine. My parents were finally able to get theirs and it was a big relief after such a chaotic scheduling process!

    So sorry for all of the work drama – it’s insane to think that at this stage of the game they haven’t been able to come to an agreement.

    Enjoy your day off!

    • That is great news about your parents! Who would have thought that this whole process would be chaotic? Today went by too fast. I did watched 2 movies which was nice.

  12. Congratulations on getting out there despite the impossible weather. This whole vaccine situation is a mess and shouldn’t be.

  13. Look, I don’t WANT to complain about the weather but I’ve been inside for a month straight now. Last year I was able to run outside on weekends so this is really bad. Kudos for keeping the streak alive and I’m so happy that your mom got her first shot.

  14. It’s great that you and your mom have both gotten your first vaccinations. You must be so frustrated with the school situation. I hope it improves and the children can get back to school. They need to be there with you.

    • Whether we work from home or go back to the classroom, it needs to apply to everyone. Right now not all parents want to send their children back to school. Maybe they’ll change their mind once more teachers are vaccinated? I honestly don’t know.

  15. It’s great that your mother has gotten the vaccine, I hope the schedule for you will follow soon. In our country the vaccine injection is still not evenly distributed.
    I am amazed by your love of running in the snow … it’s definitely not an easy thing to do.

    Greetings from me in Indonesia

  16. we were fully covered in snow last week and I was already sick of it. So well done getting in that daily mile! glad your mom got the vaccine and I agree, they should not have to walk so far! Here in NL it’s a giant mess – they had age group 80-90 standing for more than one hour in a huge queue IN THE COLD for the shot.

    I do hope they sort out the school situation. It’s not ideal what is going on , at all.

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