How is everyone doing with this crazy weather?  I saw on the news yesterday that over 40 states are under a Winter weather alert. At least here in Chicago we get snow and are “ready and prepared” for it.  States like GA or TX are not and, well, they are struggling.  Stay safe and be careful.

This week’s Tuesday Topic is: What are some of your running pet peeves?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

Here is what I wrote in a previous post 

• Runners that post their pace all of the time (Garmin, Strava, and RunKeeper, etc.) 

• Walkers that start in the front of a race.

• Runners that make sudden stops.

• Runners that take up the whole path.

• Dog owners that don’t leash their dogs. 

• Runners that blast their music.

• Runners that talk non stop during  a race. 

Today I am adding a few more.

• Long lines at the port-a-potties.

• Running out of food or swag.

• People that honk or catcall while I’m out running.  

• Races that start late.

• People that spit.

• Shoe companies that think they are making their product better, but really they’re not.  Don’t change anything!

• Chafing and not realizing till taking a shower.

• An ugly shirt or one that does not fit properly.

• People that do not throw their water cups in the trash can.  Stop being lazy.  

• Races that do not have a refund or deferral option.

• Spectators with signs saying that I am almost there.  No I’m not.  Don’t lie to me.

• When I want to hit the pause button on my Garmin and instead hit the lap button.

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23 Comments on Tuesday Topics: More running/race pet peeves

  1. These are some good ones!

    Totally agree about shoes! I wish Brooks would have kept my Ravennas 🙂 Oh well…

    I post my paces 🙂 My blog is my journal and I like to be able to reflect back on the training cycle.

    • Oh yeah, Brooks does that all of the time. Very annoying! Personally, a blog is different. Some people people on social media paces for both Garmin AND Strava. Someone else I know only posts her “fast” times. But everyone is different. I get it. 🙂

  2. A brilliant list Zenaida! So I’ve always been with you on pet peeve of long queues at the porta-loos. But I must runfess… when I saw it written, my heart skipped a beat as I remembered that used to be a thing – racing and getting annoyed at the long queues – what I would give to have it all back, even the queues!!!!! Oh how I miss racing 🙁

  3. These are really good pet peeves. I’ve done a few races where they have run out of water and/or food and that’s so annoying to me because it’s just horrible planning from the race organization.

  4. Wow, you thought of everything, Zenaida!

    The only one that doesn’t annoy me much is the catcalling.
    The other day an elderly Italian gentleman clapped and shouted “Bravo” as I ran past. I smiled and waved. It didn’t bother me much.
    Maybe I’m alone on this one? I should do a survey on the social media.

    • Maybe it depends on what they do/say? Once someone made a gesture that it was like he was squeezing my boobs. I was so pissed! I think if someone said “bravo” then that wouldn’t annoy me. Someone once called me beautiful. It made my day! It was nice to hear someone say something positive.

      • That gesture is just so inappropriate and wrong!
        You are absolutely right – it really depends on what they do or say.
        Thanks for pointing that out, Zenaida!

  5. I have often hit that lap button. Dammit!

    YES to the races running out of swag. I get that it sucks to lose money on overages, but the people who generally suffer are the ones who maybe aren’t as fast and probably need the encouragement of that medal or t-shirt. Do the right thing, race directors.

    I also hate “shirts/medals to first 250.” Is that the first 250 to cross the finish line? Or the first 250 to register? Because if I registered first and come in at number 252, I’m going to be PISSED.

  6. You named pretty much everything 😉 I had forgotten about the discarded cups on a race course…there have been a few times (probably several, actually) when I’ve carried an empty cup across the finish line because I haven’t seen any trash cans to toss it into. When people toss the empty cups right in the middle of the street (or race course), instead of attempting to toss them (at the very least) off the road, is so inconsiderate and poses a safety hazard.

    • I’ve been in races where the runner didn’t see me and threw the cup on the side almost hitting me. Not that big of a deal since I doubt it would have hurt me at all, but it is still so rude.

  7. Yes! Why do people honk? Is it because they know me and are saying hi? If so, it’s pointless, because I’m not going to recognize them from the back of their car as it’s whizzing past. If it’s for any other reason, it’s extremely rude!

    • I don’t wear glasses/nor contacts when running so I would have NO idea who it is anyway. I’ve told my family members that if they see NOT to honk because I’ll probably won’t see them anyway. 🙂

  8. We totally agree on these.

    I thought I had only a few but once I started I kept thinking of more…and I love racing!

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