What a week!  Even with no school on Monday and half day on Wednesday, I was EXHAUSTED on Friday.  I came home from school and took a nap.

Are you all tired of seeing all of my snow pictures?  I will stop at the end of the month.  It is supposed to warm up this week and hopefully most or all of the snow will melt.  🙂

I renewed my Peloton membership and got on my bike again!  I told Kim about this class and if you have not taken it, please do.  It is one of the best ones (or THE best one) I’ve taken so far.  This is one class I will definitely take again.

I checked my profile and the last time I was on the bike was in August when I was in quarantine.  Then I used the app mostly for running.  Then I got bored with it and paused my membership.  Cody is always fun but I also like Robin. 

I had been away for so long that now I had to name my bike?  Is that something new?  I don’t remember having to do it when I first got the bike.

So here in Chicago after a snowstorm, some people like to clean up an area in front of their house and claim it as their parking spot.  I don’t think I’ve ever had to do it.  The last time we had a major storm in 2011, I parked in the garage, so there was no need for it.  This time I actually went out and shoveled and claimed an area.  Well, someone decided to take my spot anyway.  Didn’t they see the items I had left?  Luckily, I found parking in front of that car.  The next day my neighbor took my spot because someone else had taken her spot.  ¡Caramba!  Hopefully soon this will not be an issue anymore.

An agreement was finally reached with the Union and the School District.  There is a Board Meeting tomorrow in which all agreements will be officially signed.  Here are the main things that were decided: Teachers will return to work on March 15 (meaning all teachers will report to their school building on said date) but we also have the option to work from home until March 15.  Hybrid students will return on March 22nd.  Those teachers that defied the initial order to go back to the building and as a result disciplinary actions were taken against them, all of those disciplinary actions will be rescinded.  Looks like those that stayed home are laughing at me!

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  1. The snow has just been relentless this month! As soon as it somewhat melts here we get another storm that dumps down more snow – I’m over it.

    I bookmarked that Peloton class! I like Robin for motivation but usually take Cody if I want a good laugh, lol.

    Ugh! That’s so annoying about the parking. Hopefully it won’t be a problem again this Winter.

  2. I remember the days of living in the city and fighting over parking spots. So frustrating! Glad your school district came to an agreement. Hopefully your school is taking all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe!

  3. I saw people putting frozen pants (have you seen that) in their spots for dibs. Cracks me up. Although when i lived in the city, I didn’t think it was all that funny…

    Glad CPS finally settled on a start date. My poor patients need to go back to school!

  4. My brother-in-law is a teacher in a suburb just south of Chicago. They’re back in the school for a hybrid version, but the teachers were all able to get vaccinated! Someone actually came to the school and did it! Now, that’s the way it should be.
    Nice of Bernie to save your spot. : ) Hope the weather forecast is right, and you get some warmer weather!

    • One of the reasons many teachers in my District have been vaccinated is through some agreement or program with the town. Of course we could have signed up with the county or another place but it was hard to get an appointment. This way it was much faster and easier.

  5. I am sorry that the teachers that stayed home got off easy, but then, who really gets off easy right now? Glad that the union was able to come to an agreement. My niece is a teacher, and she came back to NYC this week because they’re supposed to go back to school. She’s been teaching from CA all this time!

    When we moved here I insisted that we have a 2 car garage. When we first got married, we lived in a condo & had one carport, so we’d switch each week with who was outside. Back then I worked outside the home. And this is why I insisted we have a 2 car garage here!

    • Life goes on. 😀 I am glad an agreement was reached between the District and the Union. Garages are handy. We have one here but the renters on the first floor use it.

  6. I had not heard of people claiming spots for parking (obviously not a problem where I live). How rude, though, for someone to take someone else’s “spot.” I see your run streak continues! Great job with that! There’s concern, here, with the upcoming thaw and all the probable flooding. Fortunately, our house is on high ground, but there is SO. MUCH. SNOW.

    • I know what you mean! I am exciting of the snow melting but also am worried about floods. I live on the second floor so it isn’t a problem for me but know it will affect many people.

  7. You’ve done a good job of keeping your streak going despite all of that snow! I’m glad you’re finding classes you like on Peloton. Let me know what your LB name is!

    Good to hear that the school district and union finally settled, but it is too bad that there were no consequences for those teachers.

  8. Glad you found a Peloton class you love! When I go home, my plan is to try the app finally. We’ll see how much snow is left for me. So sorry about the street parking fiasco. How rude of someone to take your spot. Ugh.

  9. Thanks for the Peloton suggestion—there are so many rides it’s hard to choose! I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that much snow or parking spot battles. Grr. I’m glad the schools have a plan. It may have worked out for the others, but at least you didn’t have to stress over the disciplinary action.

  10. So glad you are finding great rides!

    I’m also glad there is a plan in place for schools. There must be so many feelings and thoughts about all of it. There are pros and cons to the different plans I’m sure, and I hope the transition is smooth and successful <3.

    I can’t believe people are stealing parking spots like that! That’s uncivilized.

  11. Oh that parking spot situation would make me nuts! You should hear me rant about the neighbors not shoveling off their sidewalks when I walk in the neighborhood. LOL! I totally forgot that my kids now have a plan to head back to school. In class 4 days starts on March 15 and in class fully (5 days) starts April 5th. Woohoo! Our teachers will be fully vaccinated by then.

  12. Ugh on street parking. Sadly I do remember those days. I hated to leave the house. lo;

    hope things go more smoothly with return to school. This is a teaching and learning nightmare.

    At least your running and workouts are gong well.

  13. so what did you end up naming your bike?? i

    when I lived in Chicago I didn’t have a car. My friend Jenny had this huge car, I don’t remember the make or model but it was seriously a boat! I remember just how hard it was to find parking in general but when it snowed it was just awful! We worked together in Skokie and would drive in (!!!) so we’d be out there digging out the car only to have to search that evening for another spot. We didn’t do dibs back then! ha!

    Glad to see you are still streaking! And now that you know when you have to go back to school, how do you feel about it?

    • Ha, I could not come up with a name so I put in “No name”. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️Well, I’ve been back in school since January 11th. Some of the staff chose to stay home because they did not feel safe going in. Well, now everyone will have to go in beginning on March 15th.

  14. Yay for getting back on your Peloton! I named my road (Lily) and gravel (Zephyr) bikes, but not my indoor spin bike. What did you name yours?

    Ugh on having someone take your parking spot after you clear it. Glad you found another one close by.

    I wonder if those teachers who got off easy would allow the same of their students if they disobeyed class rules.

  15. I’ve had my Peloton since August 2020 and I LOVE Robin! One of my faves!

    I have never had the prompt to name my bike! I do refer to “her” but now may have to come up with a name! 😜 Great post!

    • Thank you! That is interesting about the prompt. I was going to say that maybe it is because I renewed my membership, but I know there are updates being installed all of the time.

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