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I don’t wear a lot of makeup.  All I wear is translucent loose powder.  Sometimes I use mascara.  Sometimes I wear lipstick.  The lipstick makes me feel good.  My favorite is the MAC PatentPolish in Ruby.  Unfortunately, it’s discontinued but you bet I stocked up.  I had to get most of them from a store in San Francisco.

However, while running I don’t wear any makeup at all.  Well, if you count chapstick then, yes, I do.  Will I judge anyone that does wear makeup?  Nope.  NOT AT ALL.  

I may not wear makeup while running.  It isn’t for me.  But you bet I like to splurge on running clothes.  Thanks to Oiselle I have quite a collection to use throughout the various seasons in Chicago.  Yep, if feels like we do have more than 4 seasons.  Last week I received 6 new pairs of shorts.  Do I need more?  Definitely not but I want them.  Let’s not forget my shoes.  I have various new pairs waiting in boxes to be used.

Wearing makeup while running is a personal choice.  If someone wants to wear makeup then who am I to say anything about it?

One thing I know I need to get better at is wearing sunscreen.  I know, I know.  I wear it mostly during the Summer but I do know I need to use it year round.  I usually use the spray on version for my legs and arms but like the stick for my face.  My favorite one is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Non-Greasy Sunscreen Stick for Face & Body, Broad Spectrum SPF 70It may not feel like Summer yet but it is sunny already.  

Any other suggestions for a face sunscreen?  Thoughts on wearing makeup while running?

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26 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Yes or no to makeup while running?

  1. I don’t use any make-up for running other than sunscreen. Your Oiselle collection reminds me that I could do better with my running outfits, too.

    I had some confusion about packing my running shorts when we returned to Cape Town. Now that I’m here I discovered that I have exactly ONE pair of shorts. And even that one pair has a broken zipper on the back pocket.
    I think I need to go shopping!

  2. Running clothes? Yup I have too many Skirt Sports skirts!!

    And let’s not talk about shoes. Lol.

    Make up is very individual. I used to wear it more often when I went to work. And of course I used to run after work.

    I’ve gotten lazy during the pandemic. Esp since when you go out, you are always wearing a mask.

    I do stock up on my favorite lipstick too.

  3. Same here! I don’t wear makeup while running but don’t judge anyone else that does. Whatever makes you feel good while running is most important.

  4. I don’t leave the house without at least eyeliner & lipstick. My eyebrows have really gotten sparse, so I usually touch them up a bit as well ( less scary LOL). I had a favorite lipstick that was discontinued a few years ago and I was so distraught! Thankfully, they brought it back last summer…so now I always buy three at a time (just in case).

  5. I like a stick sunscreen on my face, too. Plus it’s good to stick in a pocket when I’m traveling or out hiking.

    The shorts are cute!

    I rarely wear makeup. I do put on a bit for my Yoga videos — a little blush, because I look pretty washed out!

  6. I agree with you, Zenaida. I never wear makeup on a run and rarely wear any makeup at all, ever. I don’t judge those who do, though. I think the reason I don’t wear makeup is that I am too lazy! 🙂

  7. I’m Team No Makeup. I’m also Team “I need to get better about wearing sunscreen” so I’ll take that challenge with you.

  8. I wear a tinted sunscreen year around and a lip balm with sunscreen and a tint of color. I do wear a little eye liner and mascara as well. Just makes me feel better!

  9. First. I want those lemon shorts.

    Second, I say wear what feels good. If I am taking photos during or after a race, I want mascara and lip gloss. If not, I don’t care.

  10. I wear no make-up in “real life”, unless I’m going for a very special occasion. But I love wearing bright lipstick for some of the runs that I need to dig deep for! Plus of course, always sunscreen – that’s a must here in summer or winter. 🙂

  11. I’m just like you – no makeup while running and needing to wear sunscreen more often!

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