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How is it Tuesday already?  I had parent/teacher conferences yesterday and it was EXHAUSTING.  I had 13 appointments with parents and 11 showed up.  I got home after 7pm and I didn’t have any wine and I was too tired to make a martini.  🙂

Anyway, back to this post.  As you already know I enjoy taking pictures.  Read along to see some of the fun things I saw on my run.  Nothing really specific but a few pictures of things that made me smile.

Two weeks ago I mentioned how now that the snow is melting, I’ve been seeing so much garbage out there.  I took these pictures of an area that literally made me stop and stare.  I could not believe it.  

On Saturday I ran by there again and stopped.  There were workers cleaning up the area.  I don’t know where exactly they were from but I stopped to talk to one of them.  He also could not believe how much trash there was.  I also thanked him.  He told me that they were going to several other places to clean it up. 

It looks much better.

Then I saw this.  I used to play this a lot when I was a kid.  

Saw this yesterday.  I love seeing kids’ artwork on the sidewalk.  

No pictures here but on Saturday’s run I got to the corner and almost bumped into a woman walking two dogs.  We were both freaked out.  However, not one of the dogs barked at me.  Usually whenever I see dogs while out running, they bark at me.  Then I saw a couple walking their dog and I crossed the street to avoid having the dog bark at me.  The man stopped walking and told me that he had the number of a place where I could go get vaccinated.  I smiled.  I thanked him and told him that I was already vaccinated.  I do appreciate him helping others (total strangers) to get the vaccine.

This was from yesterday’s run.  It reminds me of a friends that still have their Christmas tree inside their house but decorate it according to the season or holiday.

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20 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Best things I’ve seen on a run

  1. It’s fun coming across art, on the street or in people’s yards! I Love seeing kids’ art, too…sidewalk art is so creative! I haven’t done it in awhile, but I’ll take a garbage with me and “plog” sometimes while I run. It’s disgusting what gets left behind!

  2. Littering is something I absolutely detest! I find it such a dirty and selfish act. SO happy you thanked those guys for cleaning it up, they are not always recognised for their efforts. Well done on getting through those parent-teacher sessions. I have two appointments lined up this week for my kids!

  3. That is so wonderful that people were cleaning up the trash! There does seem to be a lot more of it, as if society is breaking down. 🙁

    Bandit probably wouldn’t bark at you but he’d pull to get to you, because apparently he thinks any female that’s running is me; he’s a weird dog. Lola might’ve barked at you, but she was more likely to bark at other dogs.

    Hugs on the parent/teacher conferences. At least that’s done for a while!

  4. Why do people dump trash in snow? What a good thing that your community responded quickly and got it tidied up.

    So kind of that man who wanted to tell you about the vaccine. Getting a vaccine in Switzerland is quite difficult as there is a shortage. My parents, both over 80, have their first shot next week. They have been waiting since January. They are so happy that they finally got the appointment!

  5. I love sidewalk art from kids – or adults! When there were virtual races going on more in the summer, I’d see a lot of chalk words of encouragement that were fun.

    Glad the garbage is getting taken care of!

    • That is great about the trash. It is everywhere here. This morning I saw that someone dropped/spilled their coffee. Do you think that person picked up the cup and put it in the garbage can? No. Oh, and this was close to the alley.

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