I don’t recall the time change having that much of an impact, but this time it did.  I also had parent/teacher conferences on Monday so that was another thing that also affected my schedule.  I was so tired this week.  Usually my cats wake me up very early because they want to eat.  This week I was able to sleep in till about 5 and on some days till 6.  I also took a few naps.

I want to say that it is also taking me longer to read, comment, and respond to everyone’s blog posts.  So sorry.  As of now I am all caught up.  🙂

This week was windy!  It really annoyed me.  No matter where I turned it was windy and it was tiring.  I decided to just take it easy and walk when needed.  Maybe that is what I had to do anyway.

Monday afternoon we got more snow.  Not too much but Tuesday morning I wasn’t comfortable running in the dark not knowing if there was snow or ice on the ground (there was some snow on the sidewalk).  I am still afraid of falling.  Tuesday was my 200th day of my run streak.  

I had posted that for my 100th ride I was planning to take a class with Cody either on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I had a birthday car celebration to go to on Tuesday but I thought it was at 6pm.  So then I decided to do take the class on Wednesday.  Well, it turned out that the celebration was at 5 and I knew I would be back in time to take the class at 6:30pm on Tuesday.  Cody is always fun!  No shoutout from him but hopefully there will be one for my 150th ride.  I need to keep trying!

On Wednesday I was supposed to run 2 miles recovery run.  I didn’t do the workout I was supposed to on Tuesday so the plan was to do said workout on Wednesday.  Then I found out that Wednesday was my coach’s birthday.  I ran 5.3 miles that morning to celebrate.  I had to run 5 miles anyway so what’s .30 more?  It was not easy.  I was tired.  I walked when needed and finished.  

Today was a gorgeous day for running.  I went out later in the morning and enjoyed my run.  Took a 45 minute class with Serena Samuela.  I like her!  Not too chatty.  🙂 Wore a jacket but took it off halfway because I got too hot.  I also ran in shorts.  Spring is here!

On Wednesday my students watched a video to draw on leprechaun.  They had so much fun!  Check out their work.  🙂


I am not sure if I’ve asked or mentioned this before, but has anyone read “The Vanishing Half”?  I think Wendy has.  I am about 1/4 done with it and so far am liking it.

I am hoping next week is better and I am not as tired anymore.  I’ve been using my weighed blanket and it’s helping me sleep better.  Even Mateo approves of it.

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30 Comments on Weekly Run Down: What a week and Spring is here

  1. Congrats on your 100th ride – and you can never go wrong with Cody!

    The time change really messed me up for the first half of the week. I just felt super tired and didn’t have a lot of energy.

    Congrats on another great week and adding more days to your running streak!

  2. This felt like a tiring week for me too, and I think DST affected me more than usual. We had alot of wind too which I didn’t like. Hopefully spring is here for good now! Congrats on 200 days of your run streak!

  3. This week was a doozy with the time change and I think that allergies are also a factor. Yes I’ve read the Vanishing Half and it’s a good one. I’ve heard that her first book is also really good. Happy 200 days and 100 rides!

  4. It’s so nice out today! I could have worn shorts for my run. I should have!

    You know I loved The Vanishing Half! So good!

  5. I read the Vanishing Half over the summer! It was enjoyable.

    How fun to celebrate your coach’s birthday with a run! I don’t think anyone I coach has ever done that! So sweet.

    Love those Oiselle shorts, they look great on you!

  6. Our kids were on spring break this week, which made the time change bearable. I think all schools everywhere should adopt that schedule- it’s the only humane way to turn the clocks ahead.
    Love the leprechaun drawings- that must have been fun!
    Congrats on your 200 days!!!

  7. I actually felt fine with DST until Wednesday…and I was just so busy all day (prepping for our trip), that my brain practically shutdown once we boarded the plane LOL Great yo see your streak is still going strong. 200 days!!

  8. Well, Chicago is known as The Windy City — wind can be dreadful though. Your students made great Leprauchans! Congrats on your century ride! It’s so hard to get a shout-out these days.

    • You are right. I have noticed that in the “older” classes there have been more shoutouts for birthdays, 1st ride, 50th, 100th, etc. Now, not that many. Is it because now there are many more people taking the live classes that they cannot do so many shoutouts?

  9. The wind was tough this week. Hopefully this week will feel more like spring. Congrats on the 200-day run streak and your 100th ride.
    The leprechauns are cute!

  10. Yay for shorts! They are too cute and I am so tempted to buy a pair. I hope your spring is legitimately here. Ours keeps coming and going away again. Stop it, Florida weather. Stop it.

    I read The Vanishing Half and I loved it. I could barely put it down.

    DST can go jump in a lake.

  11. As you can tell, I am so far behind on reading and commenting on blogs this week. I’d planned to do it Sunday afternoon and then our son invited us over for a cookout and I couldn’t turn that down!

    Your students are talented and drew fantastic leprechauns! I remember loving St. Paddy’s Day when I was a kid.

    Yay for running 5.3 miles in honor of your coach’s birthday!

    Hope you’re having a great week!

  12. I’ve been supposed to read Vanishing Half for two blook clubs. It hasn’t yet happened. Congrats on 100!
    I feel you on commenting delay

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