It’s the last Friday of the month which means Marcia has opened the Runfessional!  It’s also time for another edition of Fit Five Friday hosted by DarleneRenéeJenn, Michelle, and me!  Let’s get started, shall we?!

Today is the last day of work before Spring Break.  It is also the last Friday in March so it is time for Runfessions.  This month was just blah.  I was happy, sad, and angry.  I smiled but also cried.  My Runfessions for this month are all over the place.  Actually some of more complaints.  😬  Thank you all in advance for listening.

I runfess
That I am still learning something new about this whole menstrual cycle thing.  We can talk about this, right?  I’ve been tracking it on the Garmin Connect app.  A few years ago my period would last about 4-5 days.  Now for the past year or so, it’s been longer than 5 days.  I don’t like it one bit.  For this month, my first day was the 15th and it ended on the 24th.  That is 10 days.  That is long.  Should I be concerned?  

I runfess
That 5 months after buying my car, I learned that it has a remote starter.  That would have come in handy in February when we had those really cold days.  A few weeks ago I had to take my car to the dealer for something else and I felt so stupid asking the technician about it.  Not only did they confirm the remote starter, but they also showed me how it works.  And why did I take my car there in the first place?  For some weird reason the windows would go down and the sunroof would open.  I thought it was something electrical.  No, it turns out that somehow when the keys are in my pocket or purse, something would press on the “open” button (for longer than necessary) causing those things to happen.  Apparently, it has happened to many of their customers.  Sigh, while I do like my new car, I also miss my old one.  

I runfess
That I’ve noticed more gray hair and I don’t like it one bit.  A few I’ve been able to pluck out with tweezers but then they come back or more show up days later.  Thanks Orgain Collagen Peptides!  I know it is part of life but I am just not ready for them now.

I runfess
That all of the Reels on Instagram are starting to annoy me.  Yes, I know I don’t have to watch them.  But I do wonder what is the point of them.  The ones I’ve been seeing a lot are of people dancing and/or singing.  Is there more to it?  Am I missing something here?  Is it just me?

I runfess
That I really want to know what an influencer is supposed to do.  Lately I’ve been seeing more of them on Instagram.  Maybe I shouldn’t use Instagram anymore?  It seems like more and more of them will just post about a “great” or “fabulous” item just to get paid.  It makes me wonder if they really like all of the items they’re promoting.  Well, let me tell you that I skim through them while also rolling my eyes.  🙄 🙄  

Again, thanks for listening!!

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37 Comments on Fit Five Friday and March 2021 Runfessions

  1. A remote starter is a wonderful thing to have in winter! The tailgate on my car tends to shut on my head when I’m unloading groceries in the garage. That’s the only place it happens and it drives me nuts. The dealer cannot find the problem. It’s so frustrating. Overall I wouldn’t get another Rover.

  2. I can’t even with the influencer thing. I like seeing real people post about real things. I don’t mind the occasional ad, but if that’s all that someone’s feed is, then I’m going to unfollow them pretty quickly. If I wanted to see a bunch of ads, then I would just watch TV.

  3. I 100% agree with you that Reels are annoying. I’ve noticed that there don’t seem to be as many of them lately. I hope they just go away.

    LOL on the car–I still haven’t programmed my garage door opener to the car. And I’ve had my car for 1 1/2 years!

  4. The Instagram reels annoy like me crazy, and it seems like once a reel pops up…that’s all I see until I close the app and go back in. I’m hoping it’s just a phase and that it dies eventually. While I don’t love the sponsored posts (and usually scroll right past them), it does matter how they’re written. Some are so obviously just done for the cash and the words aren’t the least bit genuine.

  5. Those all sound like normal menstrual symptoms that happen in your 40″s. I actually don’t know how old you are! Never hurts to run them by your Gyn. I had to go on the pill for a few years in my 40’s to even things out. Good luck w that!

  6. I agree with you about Reels! There are so many of them and I never watch them. Just not my thing. Yes, we can scroll past but there ARE SO MANY! The influencers don’t bother me as much. I can scroll by and if they get too annoying I’ll unfollow. A girl’s gotta make a buck, right?

    It’s very cool that your car can start remotely. That would come in very handy here in the desert in the summertime. It can sometimes take about 10 minutes to cool down inside. That’s basically as far as I usually drive (especially since covid).

  7. Ha, funny stuff about your car. i also would be that person asking those questions at the dealer!
    I’ve been feeling guilty for neglecting my Instagram account, but now i’m thinking I haven’t been missing much!

  8. I find the whole IG Reels annoying too and unfortunately they seem to be filling up my feed more and more.

    I had to chuckle about your car windows opening. I had similar issues when I got my new car a couple of years ago — it has more bells and whistles than I was used to and I was constantly setting something off LOL Glad it wasn’t anything electrical.

  9. Sometimes I open IG and its ALL reels. Very strange. But when I see them once in awhile I don’t mind. I’ve played around with them a bit and find them kind of fun to make. But some people seem to post them everyday. I keep the sound off when Im on there so if they are saying anything I don’t hear it!
    Hope you have a great spring break!

  10. You may/may not have noticed I completely stopped using IG. I’m busy enough as it is!

    My mom asked me yesterday if I plan to buy a new car soon, since mine will turn 21 in a couple of months. Not unless I have to! New cars are too damn complicated. Don’t care if that makes me sounds like an old fogey. 🙂

    My periods got longer for a while, and then they got really short & erratic the last couple of years before I started menopause. it was completely frustrating — I never had any clue when it would strike. I also went through menopause relatively late, like my mom, around 56.

    I wouldn’t worry about it unless you’re having pain or any other side effects that are really debilitating.

  11. Yes too many reels on IG. Occasionally I watch them but not often. I never do them myself…too much effort.

    I started getting gray at 35. I’ve been coloring it even since. I’m too vain to look older.

    Luckily I keep my car in the garage so I don’t need a remote starter. Once I must have pressed some button because when I returned to my car, all the windows were open as well as the sunroof. I thought I locked it.

  12. There are so many “influencers” and sometimes I feel like I’m an echo chamber with other running bloggers…sometimes IG is too much for me! I do like Reels though, even though a lot of the videos are repetitive and people are trying to go viral.

    I’ve never used remote start so I would probably have the same issues!

  13. I am not on IG, so I don’t know about that. I barely keep up with Twitter and FB. When I first started blogging, other bloggers told me I need a social media presence, but I just can’t make myself post there reliably.

    Anyway…kinda funny about the remote starter. Now you know for next winter, right?

  14. I’m sorry it was a hard month. I don’t think you’re alone in that.

    My period is all over the place. I’m 43, so it’s to be expected, sort of. I won’t get it for months, then it will come and stick around for 5 days, stop for a few, come back for a few, and vanish for months again. Good times.

    Neither Reels nor influencers bother me. With streaming, products need new ways to advertise products, since no one sees commercials anymore. Not every influencer is honest or genuine, but some are. I’m pretty good at scrolling past wha doesn’t interest me.

  15. yes yes yes girl! the instagram reels and influencers are driving me nuts!!! I can scroll and not get annoyed but sometimes my entire feed is a reel??? please, I just want to see my friends photos!

    and you can talk about your period all you want. I don’t have one anymore, I’m fully in menopause. Which I do talk about on occasion. I think we SHOULD talk about this stuff more often!! If we did maybe I wouldn’t have struggled so very hard when I was going through the worst of peri-menopause.

    And gray hair! Oh man. I did start to embrace it a couple years ago and I am fine with it now, but some days I look in the mirror and I feel so old. Don’t pluck though, they WILL come in faster!

    funny about your car ! I bet you aren’t the only one who didn’t know about the remote starter.

  16. I am laughing I’m reading about your remote start. Same thing happened to me. I bought my car in the heat of summer in Virginia Beach. It wasn’t until the following year when I moved home to PA that I found out it had a remote start. Only after taking it to the dealership and requesting to get a remote start put into it…haha.

  17. I don’t remember how old you are (40, maybe?), but I suspect your lengthened period has to do with your age. My doctor always told me that as we age, our ovaries start to sputter and we never know what they may do next – skip a period, make our periods last longer, get heavier, etc.

    I have a funny story about our car doing something weird (it’s operator error). I’ll have to tell it over coffee on Friday!

    I hope you’re enjoying your spring break and that April is a better month for you!

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