Hello there!  Tomorrow is my first day of Spring Break!  I’ve been waiting for this week for weeks!  Haha!  I have no traveling plans but want to finish up a couple of things for school, read a few books, and watch TV.  Relax, right?  I am excited for Thursday to watch Law and Order!  Anyone else?

As you know I prefer to run in the morning.  But this week was all about running in the afternoon.  I could not wake up in time to run and then get to work.  It is weird how years ago I would wake up around 4:30-5:00 to run, get ready for work, and get to work around 7am.  I am thinking that something is wrong with me.  I’ve just been more tired than usual.

I ran in a few new Oiselle items that I bought.  New gear makes me happy.  Right, Shathiso?  

This week I celebrated my 150th run with Matty.  No shoutout from him but he did make one for a friend of mine that lives in Chicago.  I had no idea she was doing the same run until she posted it on Instagram.  But during the run I did not hear the actual shout (it was towards the end and I was tired of battling with the wind) so then I went back to listen again.  Gonna try again for my 200th run!

After a year of teaching online and not having any students in the classroom, I had two students on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I had so many emotions that day.  I was nervous, scared, and excited.  After Spring Break, there will be 3 students on Tuesday/Wednesday and 2 students on Thursday/Friday.  While I do like having them in the room, the most difficult thing is wearing a mask.  We all have to wear one.  It is hard to breathe and talk.  I found myself talking louder so my students that are at home could hear me.  Oh and we had a fire drill on Tuesday!!  😀

On Saturday I stayed in pajamas pretty much all day.  I finished reading “The Vanishing Half” and then went out to run around 5:30pm.  The book is so good!  Wow!  I had to run 5 miles but instead ran 1.5 miles (Sunday’s workout).  That night I did not sleep well then woke up on Sunday hungry and with a headache.  The plan was to run 5 miles (Saturday’s workout).  Nope.  It was WINDY and cold.  Could not do it.

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  1. Even though I knew I should take a day off yesterday, today is windy, cold & rainy. And I’m still tired, so glad I ran yesterday (still cold-ish & windy).

    It’s hard to hear people with masks on! Hard to be in them a long time, too — I’m lucky that I don’t usually have to be in them much.

    Enjoy your spring break!

  2. Congrats on your 150 runs! I am so not an afternoon runner. If it doesn’t get done in the morning it wont happen! Did you hear about the new CDC guidance that kids only need to be 3 feet apart at school? Do you think that will change anything in your district? I’m hearing we might have kids back 4 days a week (instead of 2/2) starting in May but they would still have a virtual option. I would imagine its really tough to teach hybrid while wearing a mask!

  3. Oh SVU! I had broken up with that show on three separate occasions and damnit for dragging me back, but I went bonkers as you saw on twitter.
    Congratulations on 150 runs and you have SO earned this spring break

    • Honestly I never watched it every week. But now it is on all day on Saturday. Sometimes the cases are too much for me and I need a break. However, I love Olivia and Elliot’s relationship. Excited to see them together again.

  4. Congrats on your 150th Peloton run!

    I hope that you have a great Spring Break this week full of relaxing and watching lots of TV! I am also looking forward to Law and Order on Thursday.

  5. Congrats on your century run! I think it’s getting harder and harder to get a shout-out these days. I’ve heard some instructors try to do more doing their pre-show. I did get a shout-out for my 100th, but I took a random run with Selena who may be less popular than Matty.

    I get your mixed feelings about being back in the classroom but having to wear a mask. I believe in them 100% but still hate wearing one!

    • In my book Selena is less popular than Matty but I do like her classes. Oh I do know wearing a mask is important. I am just not used to wearing it for 5-6 hours.

  6. Oh ugh, this mask thing is so, so old. I don’t have a very loud voice to begin with so I now feel like I have to practically scream all the time. But… it will end! And I always feel like when school starts again after spring break (I have two kids and my husband’s a teacher) it goes pretty quickly to the end of the year. Enjoy your week!!!

  7. I lost the ability to get up and at ’em first thing pretty quickly in the pandemic. I’m trying to start my runs at sunrise so I’m gradually getting earlier. If we go back to the office this fall then I’ll keep things early and if we don’t I’ll go back to a later schedule. Have a good spring break!

  8. We wear masks all day in the office and you really do get used to it. Such a small number of students right now! Is that because parents aren’t sending the kids back?

    Have a wonderful spring break!

    • I know I need to get used to it. I also know I need to find the right mask. The ones I have are not good for wearing an extended period of time. Yep, parents chose whether or not to send their kids back.

  9. Congrats on that 150th run! Great milestone! Enjoy your spring break 😉

  10. Hooray for spring break!! And congrats on your 150th run! Also well done on your mileage last week. I don’t think anything is wrong with you that you couldn’t get up and do them in the morning. The pandemic has effected everyone in different ways and to be honest it’s exhausting!

  11. Hooray for Spring Break.

    Yes on SVU but won’t have time to watch it right away.

    Loved that book.

    Congrats on #150

  12. Yay for Spring Break! I also loved that book. I had a really hard time putting it down.

    When do they foresee everyone being back to school? We are trying to figure out our testing schedule right now and I’m not into it.

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