Hello there!  Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Topics.  Thank you to everyone for joining me and Kim every Tuesday.  This week’s Tuesday Topic is: What is your favorite time of the year to run?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

Did you guess by the image my favorite season for running?  Yep, it is Fall.  I love it when I can run in shorts and a tank, short sleeve, or long sleeve top.  I hate having to wear so many layers during the Winter.  I remember a few years ago it was 80 degrees in February.  You bet I ran in shorts.

I also like running in the Fall because I love seeing the different color leaves on the trees and on the ground. 

I also enjoy running in the morning too.  One of the reasons is because I get to see the sunrise.  Even if there is no sunrise I like running in the morning when it is still dark (not so much in the Winter).  It is just me alone outside while listening to music or just thinking about what’s happening, what I have to do, etc.   I find it to be peaceful and relaxing.  

After Fall, I also enjoy running in the Spring and Summer.  Winter is my least favorite one because of the weather.  However, over the years I have learned that the right gear will make running in the Winter more bearable.  In the Spring I like to see the flowers.  The warmth of the sun feels really good too.  Summer is great when I am out early and beat the hot and humid weather.  Summer running is also great when running along the lakefront and feeling that wonderful cool breeze.  And of course there is those beautiful views!

I know I complain about the weather.  But no matter what, I am happy, grateful and thankful that I can run year round.  Whether it is hot and humid, raining, snow on the ground, windy, or freezing, I am out there running even if “just” one mile.


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22 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My favorite time of the year to run

  1. That’s a lovely autumn photo, Zenaida! It’s true what you say about the colours.

    I saw a wonderful sunrise this morning and I regretted that I wasn’t out running. The calmness and the peaceful atmosphere are hard to beat!

  2. Pretty much agree with everything you say! Fall running is spectacular in the midwest. Winter running CAN be fun, but I’m too worried about slipping on the ice!

  3. I think I prefer Spring because the days are getting longer — as compared to Fall, when the days are getting shorter. The lack of daylight really saps my energy.

  4. I love running in the Fall too. I’m loving Spring right now though. Summer requires more planning because you have to get out before the heat and winter requires more clothes…ugh.

  5. I love running in Fall and Winter – but I that’s only because our winters are no where near as bad as yours! No snow, no ice, no sub-zero temps. Summer running here is quite tough and means getting up so much earlier to avoid the heat. Fall feels nice and crisp. Winter runs start off cold but that’s when I you appreciate the sunshine coupled with the cool winter breeze!

  6. Fall is beautiful here. Spring is lovely when it actually gets warm. Summer is my favorite…longer days …no layers… not much rain or wind! Winter= meh. A necessary evil lol

  7. I love running in the fall when it actually FEELS like fall lol….when it’s still 75-80 degrees in the fall I just can’t handle it, lol! I still think winter running is my favorite, despite the awful winter we had last year!

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