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I know April is not over yet.  We still have a few more days left.  Things are going well in the running department and I am trying to stay positive and taking it day by day in the work department.

I will use the same format from my last monthly review of October 2020.

At the end of April we’ll be 1/3 done with 2021.  Time is going by fast!

Mileage:  As of this morning I’ve run 87.54 miles.  There are 3 more days left in April and based on my schedule, I will run 8 miles in those 3 days.  I won’t make it to 100 miles but so far April will be my highest mileage month.  My highest mileage ever was 186.27 miles in July 2016.  

Highest Mileage Week:  24.61.  It was this past week and it took me 5:08:31 hours.  

Current Challenge:  My running streak.  Today is day #242.  Total miles is 668.55.  It is still going well and I am hoping to make it to one year.

Current Book:  None but I am waiting for “The Soul of a Woman” by Isabel Allende.  I need to check Wendy’s posts since she always has some great suggestions of books to read. 

Current Song:  No specific song but I am loving anything 80s.  

Current Shoes:  Brooks Launch 5 and Brooks Levitate 1.  I wanted to replace the Launch at the end of March, but sadly had about 200 miles in them due to low mileage in February.  I will hit 300 miles in May and will then add either the Launch 7 or Ghost 12.

2021 Running Goal:  My goal this year is to run 1,200 miles.  I am at 22% done with 264.58 miles.  I know last month I thought about changing my goal to 1,000 miles.  I will revisit again in June, since I plan to run more miles in the Summer, and make a decision.

What am I looking forward to next month?  Almost the end of the school year!  You knew I was going to say that, right?  Have I mentioned that my last day is June 9th?  😊

How is April going for you?

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21 Comments on Tuesday Topics: April 2021 Review

  1. You could still make those 1’200 miles happen for this year, Zenaida! Stick to it – with the school holidays coming up you will have more time to catch up.

    Well done on your running streak – 242 days are awesome! How long do you want to go for? Until 365 days?

  2. Of course any teacher looks forward to summer.

    You are doing great with your running.

    My annual goal is 1000 miles. Not sure if I’ll make. Just happy to run.

  3. What a solid running month for you! You’re doing so well on this streak, I think you’ll definitely make it to a year. I bet you’re looking forward to the school year being done! I’m glad you got a couple of days of last week to regroup!

  4. I love both pair of those Brooks running sneakers. they always have the best patterns and colors for their sneakers.

    I can only imagine how excited you must be that the school year is coming to an end – only a few more weeks to go!

  5. Great job with staying consistent with your running Zenaida! Just keep showing up, like Des says 🙂

    I wear the Launch GTS 8 now for some runs; they are the replacement for the Ravennas. I like them!

  6. I have not even added up my April miles. I post the weekly miles in my WRD, but honestly do not pay attention week-by-week to see where the monthly total is. You’d think a math nerd like me would be more interested in that. Well, your finish line is in sight, and summer will be here soon…hang in there 😉

  7. i think we’re all looking forward to the end of this school year! It’s been such an awful year for everyone (but especially teachers.). Yes, over the summer you’ll be able to relax and run as much as you want! You will definitely deserve the break.

  8. I think it’s totally natural to be looking forward to that Summer break!

    You’ve had a great year of running so far. And your mileage is building, so I’d wait on changing that goal!

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