Happy Sunday!  Another great week with running along with a few classes on the bike.  The weather was up and down with very windy days, to chilly weather, and warmer weather.  I hope this month is more consistent.

I had some great workouts this month!  I am seeing faster splits which I am hoping will translate to a few PRs either this year or next year.  I finished April with 96.10 miles.  I was hoping for 100 but it is a big jump from last month (78.22 miles).

I didn’t run in the morning on Monday but instead did it after work.  It was nice and warm but WINDY.  Glad it was “just” one mile.

Tuesday was a speed day.  It was still windy but not as bad as the day before.  My workout was 4 miles with 4-45 second surges.  Splits were 8:10, 7:55, 7:45, and 7:25.  Definitely fast for me but still manageable.  I have no idea how other runners can run long miles in those paces.  I did this workout on March 9th but with 30 second intervals.  Those splits were 9:16, 8:15, 7:39, and 9:30.

These past couple of weeks I’ve done 1/3 and 1/4 mile intervals.  On Thursday I did 4-1/2 mile intervals.  I am not a big fan of long intervals.  I always start off too fast and then struggle with maintaining that pace the rest of the interval.  My splits were faster than what my coach asked me to do (10:44, 10:42, 10:28, and 10:18).  I was tired at the end.  In the last interval I stopped my watch for about 5 seconds for a quick break.  I don’t think I could have done another one.

Saturday was 7 miles with one 90 interval/90 recovery after each mile but stopping at 7 miles.  I like this run because it makes each mile a bit more interesting.  I did this run 2 weeks ago.  I compared the splits and while some were faster in yesterday’s run, some were also slower.  That is OK.  I am still pleased with how I did. 

I thought a Live DJ Run would be a fun class to take.  Wrong!  OMG, the constant talking between the instructor and the DJ was very annoying.  Never again will I take these classes.  The Calvin Harris Run was OK.  I like him but I recognized maybe 2-3 songs.

I also did 3 bike classes (2 with Denis).  He is a great instructor!  I am liking his classes and the music is great too.

It’s been a year since I started working with my coach.  I am very happy with him and have enjoyed my workouts.  I am excited for this upcoming week, month, and future months!!

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29 Comments on Weekly Run Down: 96.10 miles and one year with my running coach

  1. You had a really strong April! The wind here was crazy last week as well. We had a few wind advisories which is kind of rare for us.

  2. Looks like you’re making good progress on your intervals! Myself, I have to see the splits on my watch to know if I’m making any progress because they all feel the same…HARD. Keep up the great work 😉

  3. It’s great to work with a coach! So happy that you’re so happy with yours.

    Our weather has mostly been on the rainy/cooler side (hello, it’s supposed to be MARCH showers) and we have quite a few mornings still in the 30s.

    Makes for nice running — if you can motivate yourself out (and when it’s not cold rain!).

    You’re doing great with your streak, Zenaida!

    • I am very pleased with everything. I’ve had my months where I struggled but then the good ones coming along. I know every runner goes through that too.

  4. Nice miles this month, Zenaida!!!! I was close to 100 as well, with 91. I’m going with the quality over quantity theory…lol

  5. Great month for you! I agree the weather needs to settle down and be consistently nice already. It’s freaking May after all!

  6. Your streak is alive! Sounds like you had a great week with some speed thrown in. i know what you mean about those paces- what feels like a sprint for me is some people’s marathon pace! Sheesh.

  7. You are on an AWESOME roll now Z—kudos on your outstanding discipline and focus. It is a pleasure and an honor to be working with you; it is something I am truly enjoying. As you pointed out, given your prior month’s mileage volume, we needed to make sure that the increase was done in a way in which both your mind and body would adjust in a positive way and safely make gains from it, and it’s great to see you were able to accomplish that. I have no doubt you’ll continue to build on this strong base and easily eclipse the 100-mile mark in May, and be well on your way to whatever you set your sights on this summer/fall!

      • Hey Lisa! Thank you, the Glass City Half proved to be a GREAT race for me; I was able to break a PR that was more than 3 years old by 3 minutes so I’m super happy with it. On top of that, I truly enjoyed the course and everything around the university. I might go back and run the full next year–maybe. We visited the zoo and the Maumee Bay Brew Pub, and a Peruvian restaurant just a couple of blocks from the university while we were there and enjoyed it all–tons to be proud about Toledo!

  8. great week for you! it’s always nice to see progression! I also am not a huge fan of longer intervals but I’m trying!

    I still don’t really understand how treadmill classes would work. I mean, I get on my treadmill and stick netflix on and that’s my workout hahaha!

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