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I am not a costume person.  Heck, I don’t even like to dress up for Halloween!  The only reason I do it is because of my students.  😀

I haven’t run many races in a costume.  I think the only time I’ve done it is when I ran the RunDisney races a few years ago.  And I wore the same two costumes.  Let’s check them out!

☑️ Minnie Mouse at the Walt Disney World Half Marathon

☑️ Sofia the First at the Walt Disney World Marathon

☑️ Minnie Mouse at the Walt Disney World Enchanted 10K

☑️ Sofia the First at the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon

Reading the posts and looking at the pictures made me realize how fun it was to run these races.  I didn’t realized how much I miss racing till now.  I miss the traveling, getting reading the night before, meeting up with friends, etc.

When I run at home my favorite outfit consist of a pair of Oiselle long rogas and a Oiselle top.  Pretty much anything from Oiselle.  My socks are either Balega UltraGlide or Smartwool Run Ultra Light Socks.  I don’t like them with too much cushion.  Also on my feet are a pair of Brooks Launch or Ghost.

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21 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My favorite running costumes or outfits

  1. I have never ran in a costume but it looks so much fun!
    Who is the guy next to you in the second photo? He looks like an experienced runner!

  2. I’m not a costume person either, Zenaida! I can’t even imagine trying to store that sort of stuff! But I admit I love seeing other people’s costumes.

    Hopefully you’ll find a race for yourself soon!

  3. I’m glad that it’s pretty easy to find cute accessories for running outfits these days. Party City is my go to for anything themed to match my running outfits.

  4. What cute outfits. I only run one costume race and that’s at Christmas time. It’s fun to get dressed up.

  5. Your costumes look very runnable. If I was so inclined to wear a costume it would need to be similar.
    I miss races too!

  6. I’m not much of a costume person, but I will dress colorfully if the occasion calls for it! Cute memories!

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever done a race in a costume. I look forward to seeing what other people wear though! Eventually I hope to do Disney as my Florida marathon and I’m sure there will be lots of great costumes there!

  8. I’ve never worn a costume for a race- I feel so boring! I’ve also never tried any Oiselle clothing, but I would like to- looks like great quality.

  9. I enjoyed dressing up for the Disney Princess 10K with my sister a few years ago! We didn’t wear anything fancy but we had so much fun!

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