Hello May!  It seems like May would never get here.  I’ve been waiting for it since last year.  Haha, counting the days till school is over.  It isn’t warm in Chicago, but I would still drink either hot or iced coffee.  I like them both.  So grab a cup of your favorite drink and let’s chat.

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that RoadID has the BEST customer service.  Months ago I won a gift card hosted by Jenn.  I finally ordered a prism faceplate about two weeks ago and received it a few days later.  It is pretty but I felt like the name and contact information were hard to see.  I wrote to them letting them know I wasn’t happy with the product I ordered.  They offered to exchange it for me or give me a refund.  I opted for an exchange and picked a slate one.  I asked if I should return the prism nameplate.  They said to keep it.  Now that is what I call 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that I secretly smile and laugh (or maybe it is a runfession) when I am running and see the speed light cameras go off.  Many people are horrible drivers and like to speed up.  I wish we could get one in the corner where I live.  There is a stop sign but many drivers slow down instead of making a complete stop.  Imagine how much money the city could make from that corner?

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that I find it ridiculous when someone says “Happy Cinco de Mayo”.  I honestly do not understand the big deal with it.

If we were having coffee…
I’d ask you if you have been watching season 2 of “Selena: The Series”.  I know many people criticized the first season.  They prefer the movie with Jennifer Lopez.  I am liking the series because there is more focus on her and how her career started.  I also love the love story between her and Chris.  

If we were having coffee…
I’d tell you that my doctor told me that I may be starting peri-menopause.  She told me to keep track of any periods and any possible menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats.  I am “glad” I am not getting a period but not looking forward to hot flashes or night sweats.

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34 Comments on Fit Five Friday and May Ultimate Coffee Date

  1. I love when companies have great customer service! Ive had good experiences with Thule (my running stroller) and Aftershokz. We could use some more speed cameras around here. There’s a hill on the main road near my house that drivers all fly down.

    • I do remember you wrote about the service you received from the stroller company. Something with the tire, no? I can just see that camera going off all of the time! Haha!

  2. I like to run through those speed cameras. And laugh at how slow I am.

    I guess I was lucky. Never had hot flashes. Hope you are too.

    Cinco de Mayo is another excuse to go out and drink. I skipped it and went to a Mexican restaurant with a friend on May 6.

  3. OMG! I agree on the cameras. I live at a very dangerous intersection and have nearly been mowed down dozens of times. There’s a red light camera there and I’m happy when it goes off.

    I was in Mexico on Cinqo de Mayo in 2019 and it’s not a thing there. Any reason to party in the US is celebrated, I guess!

  4. Yes, ROADiD is awesome…the products and their service. I ordered something this morning, and it’s already packed and awaiting to ship. I get really frustrated with drivers, too. I’m not in a metropolitan area, but I think it just happens everywhere. People are in a hurry, and don’t care if they cruise past a stop sign. Don’t even get me started on the use (or NOT) of turn signals…

  5. I have always had good luck with Road ID customer service too. Good to know you have had the same experience.

    I like to run through the speed cameras too.

  6. I have a love hate relationship with those speed cameras and that’s all I’m going to say.

    I started perimenopause in my early 40s and it lasted for 10 years before I crossed over to the dark side. It’s so much better for me now. That was a rough time. Hang in there!

  7. I think Cinco de Mayo is just another excuse to celebrate. We had tacos that night but in the middle of dinner I was kind of like “What are we celebrating again?”
    You never know with perimenopause- I didn’t have hot flashes or anything. One day I realized it had been about a year since I last had a period and I was like “Oh, I guess I’m done!” Everyone’s different so maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones.

  8. I’m sorry you didn’t like the prism, but how lovely that they let you keep both pieces.

    I know Cinco de Mayo isn’t a thing, but it’s fun to drink margaritas and have some good cheer.

    • It is so pretty! Maybe if I get a different band color it will be better. I have a black one. The amethyst is so pretty! I had a sandcastle one but lost it.

  9. Well, people love Cinco de Mayo because it’s an excuse to eat Mexican food & drink margaritas. 🙂

    Not everyone gets hot flashes & night sweats. I pretty much didn’t. Perimonpause was actually a lot harder than menopause for me. For instance, I thought I was finally in menopause after a year of no periods and guess what? Yup, and at a race, of course! Well, at least before the race.

  10. RoadID definitely has great customer service! Glad you were able to get another type without any hassle.

    I’m with you on Cinco de Mayo. And nothing chaps my hide more than people saying it’s Mexican 4th of July. It’s too bad it’s been completely commercialised and made into a taco and margarita day instead of actually celebrating the battle against the French at Puebla. Before I left the US I never really celebrated it and certainly not now. Here in The Netherlands May the 5th is Liberation Day. So also something totally different.

    Sorry to hear you are already in peri-menopause. I struggled a LOT. So if you ever want to talk or vent or ask anything please do!! No one ever told me anything so I’m glad to share anything I can with those going through it.

  11. And you just reminded me that I need to order a new roadid for my new watch. Thanks! I have not seen the Selena series but always looking for new tv options. Thanks for linking

  12. I think Americans celebrating Cinco de Mayo is the perfect example of a Hallmark created holiday, except Hallmark didn’t create it. Didn’t SoCa make it a thing when they started using the “Mexican holiday” as an excuse for selling more liquor on May 5th and then Corona Beer took it national? Whatever the case, I am guilty of enjoying a margarita every May 5th!

    Hot flashes… Been there, done that, but now I enjoy the benefits of HRT. I know it’s controversial on whether or not to use HRT, but with my other many negative side effects of menopause, my doctor and I agreed that I’m a good candidate. For me it was extreme dryness of my skin and eyes to the point that every morning I had great difficulty opening my eyes. I felt like my eyelids were ripping the epithelium off of my corneas every morning. It was awful.

  13. The U.S. has corrupted Cinco de Mayo for sure. But, I confess that we did get take-out food and sangria from our favorite Tex/Mex/Salvadoran place.

    Glad you liked your replacement RoadID. I guess they couldn’t really re-sell your first one anyway. 😉

  14. Road ID does have great customer service! So glad you were able to get a replacement!

    I really feel like the drivers in my area have gotten worse since the start of the pandemic. I could really benefit from a couple of those speed cameras on some of the routes I run.

  15. That’s great to hear about Road ID. I thought Chicago area traffic was the worst until I drove in Atlanta. It is horrible.

  16. I’ve heard really great things about RoadID! Gotta love companies with awesome service. <3

    I hope you luck out and don’t get any symptoms!

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