Happy Sunday!  This week was another week where the weather was up and down.  Yesterday it was cloudy with some rain and I felt like something was off.  This week is supposed to warm up so that is exciting!  

On Monday morning I did my 200th run with Matty.  I signed up for this run the week before.  It was a good class but imagine my confusion when all of a sudden it was over.  I stopped and checked my watch thinking “no way is it already 30 minutes”.  Well, it turned out that the class was 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

I didn’t sleep well Monday night and woke up on Tuesday very tired.  My workout was run 5 miles, 4-45 second surges with 1 minute recovery, and ending at 6 miles with a cool down.  I did the workout on Wednesday since I felt much better.  It was sunny and no wind…just perfect.

The rest of the week went well too.  I ran 7 miles on Saturday.  I took it easy and walked when I wanted to.  I listened to music and thought about home life and school.  Excited because I am planning to take a few days off!

This week my students took their MAP tests.  I thought all school districts in IL were required to have students take the test.  One of my friends works in CPS and she said the students in her school were not required.  Ugh!  That is very annoying and frustrating.  Whomever is making these decisions doesn’t know what they’re doing.  Kids do not need more tests.  Anyway, my students took 2 tests in Reading and Math in both English and Spanish.  Let’s just say some were very tired and had no interest in taking another test.  Some students clicked on any possible answer in order to finish it.  Some were on the bed taking the test (I told them to get off the bed).  Some were laughing and talking and looking at something else but the screen (one student said she was talking to her brother).  One student logged off before finishing the test and never came back.  What an exciting week!  I am supposed to do makeups and heck no, I am not doing that.  😬 I already did 4 days of testing.  If the school wants these kids to make up a test then they will need to make the arrangements.Bitmoji Image

I spent a few days packing up my classroom too.  I know next year I will be a Dual Language teacher which means I would be using new Reading materials.  Our District will also be using a new Math curriculum.  Now I wait to find out what to do with said materials.  Here are some pictures from Tuesday.  More things have been packed up.  My goal is to be complete done packing this week. 

I also finished the Selena series.  I do not know how much of it is accurate but I thought it was a good story.  I enjoyed learning more about her.  I do wonder how her life would be like if she hadn’t died.

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30 Comments on Weekly Run Down: My 200th Peloton run and getting ready for the end of the school year

  1. The weather has been up and down. Looks like we are in for a taste of summer this week. Way to be consistent this week and congrats on your 200th ride

  2. Congrats on your 200th run, but sorry the class was shortened to 20 minutes vs. 30 minutes. I agree with you about the additional testing for students. With all the stress of this school year, that just seems very unnecessary!

  3. I feel like you just started the school year, lol, but I am sure you do not. Maybe you should become an administrator so you can make the kind of changes the education system needs!

    Nice work on your runs and congrats on 200!

    • At one point I thought about going for my Type 75 to be an administrator but changed my mind. Too much politics and I know I will not be a good and effective administrator. I’d rather use my superpowers in the classroom.

  4. Oh now on the 20 minute run! That must’ve been frustrating.

    Hopefully next year will be much, much better when it comes to teaching.

    200 runs! Wow! Since I only use it for indoor runs, I am only at 50.

    Oh, I’ve been going through some old photos (real photos) and came across some of the Selena statue in Corpus Christi. I thought of you. 🙂

    • Thanks, Judy. Years ago I went to Corpus Christi and went to some Selena thing (maybe a museum?). I saw some of her dresses and could have sworn I saw her mom and sister. This was about 10 years after she died.

  5. Ha that testing scenario sounds like a nightmare! You teach second grade, right? i wonder who thought it was a good idea to have second graders take a test like that virtually.
    Are you not already a Dual Language teacher? In your Day In The Life post I noticed a lot seemed to be in Spanish. Anyway… I bet getting your room packed up is feeling pretty good.
    Congrats on keeping the run streak going!

    • It was a nightmare! Yep, 2nd grade. I teach transitional (English and Spanish but mostly Spanish). Next year I will be Dual Language one-way which is a fancy word for saying transitional teacher. Same thing. 🙂

  6. So, the finish line (of the school year) is in sight! I can only imagine how much of a relief you must be feeling. That would be SOOO frustrating to have such a lack of attention/discipline/respect from the students for the tests. Do they not have consequences for their actions (not necessarily from you, but from the Principal)?

    • No consequences except me removing them from class. Parents are something else. It blows my mind how many of them are simply not doing their job as a parent. Yes, I know it is a pandemic but they’re the parent and they’re not being very helpful. Of course it isn’t all of them.

  7. Congrats on your 200th ride.

    You are stopping your streak???

    I bet you are excited that summer is here. I remember that feeling well from when I was a teacher.

  8. Congrats on your running milestone! Odd that the class was 20 min after being scheduled for 30.

    Ugh on the testing. It sounds like the parents didn’t care either!

    Will you have a different type of student next year?

  9. I am so glad this year is ending. A has one more test to take tomorrow afternoon and then we are DONE. They also better not try to use these tests for placement because… seriously? No. Just no.

    I hope next year is easier for everyone. Students and teachers both deserve it.

  10. congrats on your 200th run but what a bummer it was only 20 minutes!

    so very frustrating about the testing and how the kids behave. you are doing YOUR best and for what??? and so much conflicting information as well!

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