This week’s Tuesday Topic is:  Show us your organizational skills.  How do you organize your running gear?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

In a perfect world I would hire a company to design and set up a walk in closet for me.  I live in an old apartment and, well, it won’t be ideal anyway.  The owner will rehab this place once I move out.

Isn’t this gorgeous?

So that leaves me with being creative to organize not only my work stuff but also my running gear.  Sadly I do not store everything in my bedroom but in various places in the apartment.  My bedroom isn’t big but luckily I have a decent size closet. 

➡️ My running shoes are in an armoire closet/chest drawer I inherited from my mother when she moved.  It is in the back porch.  I used to have 6 new pairs but now I have 2 pairs.

➡️ My favorite running shorts are the Oiselle long rogas.  I have over 30 pairs.  Yes, I love them.  Those shorts are also there.

➡️ Sports bras and socks go in a plastic storage cart and organizer.  

➡️ Pants and long sleeve tops go in the closet.

➡️ Tops go in a dresser drawer in my room.

➡️ Garmin and headphones are in a fruit stand in the kitchen.  We use it to store everything else except fruit.  

Each night I gather everything I need and leave it in the kitchen.  My bedroom is next to it and it makes it easy to grab it all in the morning and get ready.Bitmoji Image

It may not be ideal but this system works for me.  Cannot wait to organize it better once I have a house and more room!

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11 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Organizing my running gear

  1. I love how orderly your closet and drawers are, Zenaida!
    We live in a tiny apartment in Zurich and have to be economical with space as well. We have a dedicated cupboard for all our sports things and all shoes that we don’t need daily are in the cellar.

  2. Love the way you organize your running gear!

    Can I just say that a walk in closet is my dream! I hope that I can have one whenever I move once the market gets a little better.

  3. I’m always reworking my storage system for my running stuff. I need to be better about packing away the seasonal stuff, so there’s less clutter…but, Iowa! We’re still experiencing winter-like temps on occasion. I’m hoping the seasonal shift will happen SOON, so I can enjoy the warm temps long-term.

  4. No matter how much space you have, the key is to be organized and it certainly sounds like you are very organized! I also get all of my running necessities and electronics together the night before my run.

  5. You do have a good size closet! It looks almost as big as ours, which we share (although we each have a spare room in addition).

    Mine is also sort of here, there, and everywhere — which works until the change of season like now, when I’m trying to transition seasonal running clothes. I think I can finally put away the fleece lined tights, LOL!

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