Happy Friday!  This has been a LONG week for me.  It warmed up yesterday and when I turned on the AC, it didn’t work.  Well, it did turn on but no cold air came out.  I told the landlord so hopefully he’ll send someone to fix it.  It is supposed to be hot this weekend and cold air will be greatly appreciated.

Let’s take a look at my pictures from this week.

📷 The photo of Mateo cracks me up!  He is giving me an evil look.  Every evening before going to bed, he meows because he wants a snack.  He won’t stop until I get up.  I love my little guy so much.

📷 I decided to organize my pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, etc.  Wow!  I didn’t realize I had so many.  These are what I had in my classroom and at home.  I definitely do not need more.

📷  Not exactly a photo but a meme.  I think Kim had it in one of her posts.  I had already saved it in my camera because I am planning to do something similar after Summer School.  This Summer I plan to relax and rest.

📷 I did not want to do my run on Monday but did it anyway.  My run was 4 miles with each mile faster than the previous one.  I ran in the evening and was already tired.  It wasn’t as fast as I would have wanted, but I did get negative splits.  Made me feel good when I saw the numbers!

📷 My students are revising and editing paragraphs.  Not as easy as I thought it was going to be to teach them.  However, a few have surprised me and have been able to do it correctly.  The challenging part now is writing it on paper.  Many have not written on paper in over a year and it’s been interesting seeing their handwriting.  😬

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11 Comments on Fit Five Friday: 5 pictures from this week

  1. Love this idea for a post.

    Matteo is adorable.

    That is so true about American vacations. I always check my email.

    Glad to see your running is going great. Mine is meh. Not used to the heat. Need to run early in the morning. But no mojo to get going that early.

  2. Ha ha, cats are hilarious.
    Yes, seeing your students handwriting should be an eye-opening experience! Sending up a little prayer for teachers everywhere.

    • I didn’t think about having them work on it during the other months till another teacher mentioned it. Now that is all I am doing till then end of the year.

  3. love Mateo! our feline friends keep things very interesting, don’t they!?

    and that European Out of Office is so true. I love summers at work because there is literally no one around to bug me ha! On the flip side though, if I need to bug someone they are likely on holiday until September…

    great progression run!!!!

  4. Matteo is so cute. He doesn’t look like he’s giving you the evil eye!

    I do remember that meme from Kim’s post. I hope your AC is fixed. It got hot here, too, and I’d be a zombie from lack of sleep without our AC.

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