Remember how a few months ago I was complaining about the cold weather?  I knew it would warm up again and it came in full force this week.  I was not ready for it.

The week started off with a 4 mile progression run on Monday.  The runs we don’t want to do are the ones that surprise us.  I was tired in the evening and didn’t want to run.  Now I cannot remember why I didn’t run in the morning.  

Tuesday was 5 miles with 2 miles at a faster pace.  Those two miles felt hard.  Not sure I like the mile repeats.  Mateo knew exactly how I was feeling.

I have no idea how I ran 5 miles on Friday because I did not sleep well the night before.  In this run I also did 4-45 second surges.  I also did a fun 90s Dance Run which I enjoyed.  The best part was at the end when Rebecca thanked the teachers.  It felt so good to hear that since right now I am burned out.  Only 12 days to go!

Another rough night and I struggled Saturday morning.  I had to run 6 miles and could not do it.  I did run 1 mile for my run streak. 

As I mentioned earlier, we got some hot weather.  On Thursday I came home and turned on the AC.  It turned on but there was no cold air.  I had my cousin check it out thinking that it would be something simple.  Nope.  I told the landlord.  Fast forward to today, Sunday, and someone came before noon to check it out.  Yep, 3 days with no AC.  I know many people don’t have it either and it is just awful.  I am grateful he is here and hoping he can fix it today.  Update:  It is fixed!!!  I will sleep so much better tonight.

Even my cats are feeling the heat! 

My runs this week weren’t that horrible.  I know these past few weeks ago they were all great and this week some were challenging.  That is OK since I know not all runs will be great.  Can’t wait to see what my coach will have me this this week!

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    • Years ago we didn’t have AC in this house. Then my sister bought window units and then the city installed new windows and central air due to the airplane noise since we’re so close to Midway Airport.

  1. Yes, the heat will tire you out quickly! No AC is unpleasant- in Florida the AC is so important we just call it “air” as in “turn the air on.” But I grew up near Chicago so I know that heat as well.
    You still had a nice week of running and kept your streak alive! Here’s to twelve more days…

  2. The heat takes some getting used to, that’s for sure. And it came on so quickly! Glad the end of the year is close, I’m sure you’re ready for a break!

  3. I’ll have to bookmark that Dance Run. I’ve done a few classes with RK this year – runs and bootcamps – and I really like her energy!

    Ugh, that’s a bummer about your AC! I am glad that it was finally fixed today and that you can enjoy the cool air blast!

  4. It’s crazy how fast the summer heat arrived! Well, it actually wasn’t THAT warm (in the 60’s-mid 70’s), but the humidity was in the upper 90% all week here. I honestly don’t mind the heat (or humidity) for running, but I do prefer an acclimation period LOL

  5. I am a zombie when there’s no AC, and I’ve dealt with that, so my sympathies. It can definitely effect running & sleep!

    I do not like mile repeats either.

  6. way to get those miles done!! sorry to hear you weren’t sleeping very well though! I totally understand AC problems because it’s just not common here to have AC. It doesn’t get hot enough to justify it. So “they” say. We bought a cooling unit last year and it was basically the BEST PURCHASE EVER. I told Ron I could not go through another menopausal hot-flashing, night sweating, non-AC summer again. So he obliged almost immediately 🙂

  7. We turned on our A/C this weekend, but now I’m wearing a sweatshirt because it’s chilly!

    11 more days now!

  8. We wouldn’t make it without AC in Florida. It’s just not done LOL!

    I feel like Mateo in that picture. Just done.

    I’m sorry it was a rough week. I hope things start looking up!

  9. In classic Chicago fashion we went from cold to very hot overnight. Glad your AC is fixed. That’s no fun at all. Looks like it’s going to be cold again tomorrow. Ugh. Way to keep that streak alive!

  10. Glad you got the AC fixed. I agree with you – just one day is bad for me, even though I don’t like it really cold in my house, I need something to get rid of the humidity! My friend had hers break last year and it was a month before they got it replaced. I can’t even imagine.
    One week closer to school being over… hooray!!

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