What a week!  It started off hot then it was cold.  Yesterday and today it warmed up again but I still have the heat on.  So weird how last week I wrote that it was very hot and the AC was not working.

After 3 days of not sleeping well because of a broken AC, I slept very well on Sunday night.  I ran 5 miles with 4-45 second surges on Monday morning.  Splits were 8:24, 8:15, 7:54, and 7:40.  Yay!  My run on Wednesday was great too.  I ran 5 x 1/3 intervals and managed to get negative splits again (11:11, 10:56, 10:53, 10:32, and 9:55).


It was cold and raining on Friday.  Nope, didn’t not get out till the evening for 1 mile.  

It was much better on Saturday and I went out for 7 miles.  It felt good being out there.  It was definitely warmer than the day before but I still wore tights and a jacket.  I did 2 Peloton runs and it was just the right mix of music to make me smile.  

I saw lots of cats while out on a run!  I see them here and there but they all run away from me.  This time I stopped to take a picture and then I looked over to my left and there were more cats relaxing on the front steps of the house.  But darn I was so happy to see them that I did not take a picture of all of them.  Instead I will post pictures of my cats.

Saw these too!  Aren’t they adorable?

I took 4 days off from work.  Let me tell you that I definitely needed those days off but I am sure you knew that already.  So what did I do?  I RELAXED.  I did take my mother to the doctor on Wednesday morning.  I also watched LOTS of TV.  I am hooked on the show “Rizzoli and Isles”.  Anyone else watch it?  It felt so good to be off that now I am really tempted to take off the rest of the school year.  But if I’ve made it this far, then what is 7 more days?  I can do this!

Here are the photos of my fur babies.

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30 Comments on Weekly Run Down: A few days off and cats on my runs

  1. Ah! I’m a sucker for cat pictures. Glad you had some time off. Yes- you can do seven more days!!! We’re rooting for you! I can’t remember the schedule, but I hope you have a break before summer school starts.
    Great job as always on the running streak!

    • Thanks! I have 2 days off before summer school starts. Somehow in those 2 days I also need to go set up my new room. Not sure how much I will set up anyway but hopefully soon I will find out. Communication hasn’t been that great this year.

  2. You are so close to the end of the year- just 7 more days! We go until June 22nd (but I’m a 12 month employee). I know teachers need summer break more than ever this year!!

  3. Soon you will be done! I’m always jealous of people who have the summer off. This year, tho, I’m taking quite a bit of time off. I accumulated a lot of PTO over the past year and I ‘have’ to use it. Darn.

  4. Awww, love the furkids. Glad that your time off helped you relax.

    Not only did it cool down, it has stayed cold & rainy all weekend long! And into some of tomorrow. After much back & forth we will go to see my mom tomorrow, but we can’t eat there, since it’ll have to be outside (still chilly).

    Let’s just say that Mr. Judy is not enthusiastic. I know how happy it’s going to make my mom, though.

  5. Similar weather here…crazy how cold it got Thursday after I’d done my full moon run in a tank and shorts the evening prior.

  6. same stupid weather. summer, winter. I was hoping to have a nice warm weekend for our first boating of the season. Nope. Cold and wet.

    Congrats on your streak. I bet you are counting down now to the end of the school year.

  7. The cats are so cute!

    Wow you get a lot of vacation time for a teacher? My teacher friends have just 1-2 personal days during the school year. It’s tough.

    Tights and a jacket! I run so hot, I would probably still be in a tank and shorts, ha! Actually, rain and 40s is pretty cold, so maybe not 🙂

    Great week Zenaida!

    • Wait, they don’t get the summer off? During the school year I also get 3 personal days and 12 sick days. The personal days roll over to sick days if I do not use them.

    • What a year it’s been so far with the weather. I have not forgotten all of the snow we got in February. Makes me wonder how this Summer will be.

  8. You are in the homestretch! You ca do it! Yes the weather this past week was completely nuts. Even today wasn’t great, although quite a bit better. I’m ready for some summer weather already! Cute kitties!

  9. Those chalk cats!

    We have several cats that make themselves known to runners. They never run off, and instead, we have to unwind from them!

    Sorry about the broken A/C. That would never go over well here.

  10. glad you took some time off. you do need it!!

    i always stop for kitties when I’m out haha! I take pictures or videos and then send them to Ron. I have so many random cats photos and videos on my phone !

    love your furbabies <3

  11. I saw a cat on my run too! Unfortunately I think she was hurt. She was just sitting on the bike trail and when I got too close she hobbled a bit away from me, limping. I think she was a stray, but did look healthy otherwise. Great paces on your surges!!

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