My workouts were the same as the week before except for a longer warm up and cool down on Wednesday run.  I haven’t run more than 30 miles in a week since July 2018.  It was hot these past few days and it took a toll on me.  I felt exhausted.  It could also be the end of year exhaustion.  Summer is here and we are expecting humid days too.  I am just glad it isn’t rainy and cold.  Overall it was a good week with some great runs.

I was off for one week and it was rough to go back to work on Tuesday.  Some of my kids were happy to see me.  The week did go by fast too.  We did a fun thing each day to count down to the last day of school.  Three more days to go and coming up this week we will have a pajama/costume day, a memory book, and an awards ceremony.  Tomorrow after school I am going to drop off a few gifts for some of my students because they worked so hard this year.  They showed up day after day, participated in class, and did the work.  I am very proud of them!

On Wednesday it was Global Running Day and I celebrated by running with my blogger friends!

I ran 7 miles on Saturday and it took me a few hours to recover from it.  I did good throughout the run but then felt really tired when I got home.  I also had a headache.  I showered, ate, and then took a nap.  I am thinking that maybe I was dehydrated.  I never take water with me on my runs but this time I took a small one with Tailwind.  I took another nap in the afternoon and I am glad I did because I had my nephew’s graduation party that evening.  It was small gathering with a few cousins and we had a good time.

I am behind on reading and commenting posts from Friday’s linkup.  It took me a while to finish reading and commenting posts from last Sunday and Tuesday’s linkups.  I promise I will get to them. 

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24 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Feels like Summer and 31 miles

  1. I bet the heat/humidity was probably a factor in why you felt so tired after Saturday’s run. I’ve noticed the same thing happens to me after the my first few runs in the Summer heat.

    Hooray for the last week of school!

  2. The heat exhausts me too! Listen to your body. Naps are my favorite 🙂 But you definitely should hydrate in this heat Zenaida!!! It’s dangerous!

    • I am usually very good about hydrating. I am also good about adding Nuun to my water too. What I did not do was wear a hat to protect me from the sun. Lesson learned.

  3. The heat was tough for me this week, running-wise! Today I finally started carrying water. Doh!

    Nice miles this week, Zenaida. i hope you’re feeling better.

  4. Don’t worry about the commenting, Zenaida. We all know you work hard!

    The only runs I don’t take water on right now are my recovery runs. Even then, because of the heat, I’ve kind of wanted some.

    I’m usually pretty good about hydrating because yes, it makes me feel lousy if I don’t!

  5. Yes, it was probably dehydration- that will give you a headache. And the heat and humidity is exhausting. BUT! Three more days of school- that’s exciting!

  6. The sudden heat and humidity sapped my energy levels for sure. Yay for the last week of school — you are so kind to have gifts for your students!

  7. Dehydration can really sneak up on you, especially for those first few “hot” runs of the summer. My 8-miler was tough on Saturday…the temps weren’t too bad (I think low-70F’s), but the humidity was high and the wind was a bear to battle. I almost brought water along, but decided not to because it was “only eight miles.” My bad!

  8. You’ve come so far in the last year with your running – 30 miles wow! Like everyone else has said, I suspect the heat and humidity caused you to dehydrate and that’s why you got a headache. It’s great you were able to get in a couple of naps!

  9. Great miles last week! I am sure the end of the school year/start of summer running took a toll on you. We have to acclimate every time the heat starts in earnest. I forget to drink enough water sometimes and get a headache too.

  10. I get tired looking at your weekly runs. I struggle to get three 3 mile runs in.

    I felt more tired after my hot 7 miles on Saturday than during my marathon…. not acclimated tot he humidity.

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