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Over the past couple of months I’ve been very consistent with my running and have run in many different weather conditions.  Some have been better than others but I’ve managed to stick with it.  

Running in the rain

🌧️ Use Body Glide.  Chafing is the worst.  Make sure to apply it under the arms, inner thighs, or areas where you are more likely to chafe.  I’ve been using Squirrel’s Nut Butter and while I am not too crazy about the scent, my thighs have been very happy.

🌧️ Wear a hat.  Your hair will still get wet but at least it will keep the rain out of your eyes.

🌧️ Jacket is optional.  Running in the rain on a warm/hot day feels wonderful.  No jacket is required.  However, it is different when it is cold and windy.  My favorite one to wear is the Oiselle Reflective Vim Jacket.  It is lightweight and windproof and.

Running in cold weather

🥶 Wear gloves and a hat.  Those two items along with a warm jacket are what makes my runs more comfortable.

🥶 Wear moisture-wicking technical clothes.  These will keep you warm and dry.  I have a couple Oiselle wazzie wool long sleeve tops that I love.  I wear them a couple of times and they still will not smell.  However, after 4-5 times then it is time to wash them (too gross).  

🥶 If it is too cold or too much snow/ice, skip it or run on the treadmill.  This past Winter was just really bad.  It seemed like we had snow everyday for 2 months along with a few very cold days.  I did run on the treadmill once but it was very uncomfortable running with a mask (I was at the gym).  I am doing a run streak so I just made sure to run one mile.  

Running in hot weather

🥵 Wear a hat.  Last Saturday I got a really bad headache after my run.  I didn’t think it was that hot (70s) but it was sunny.  I paid for it dearly because it took me a few hours to recover.

🥵 Hydrate.  During the hot weather we dehydrate more quickly so it is a good idea to carry water to drink along the way.

🥵 Adjust your goals.  The pace might be slower and you may need to walk more.  That is OK.  If you need to stop then stop.  Make sure to listen to your body.

🥵 Start running early.  The earlier the better and if you can start running when it is still dark.  A few years ago I did a few long runs with a friend and we would start at 4am.  Our reward was going out for breakfast afterwards.  

What is your favorite time of year to run?

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4 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Running Year Round

  1. It’s a warm day today and I have intervals to do. I should have left early in the morning to escape the heat. Now I will have to pay for it!

  2. Thanks for your tips.

    I like all seasons for different reasons. It’s easier to run in the winter but so annoying to put on all those layers.

    The opposite is summer. Easy to get up and go but humidity makes it tough.

    So I guess my favorite is fall and spring.

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