This week was my first week of Summer School and it left me exhausted.  I have 13 students on my roster but 11 have shown up.  I like having them in the room.  I like being able to talk to them in person.  I like that I can give them assignments online and on paper.  I can see their actual work.  I was doing OK in the beginning and then I was very tired.  The heat could have been a factor too.  I was so tired that I didn’t do my usual workouts on Thursday or Friday but went out for a run/walk for one mile.  I am so close to 300 days and will not stop now.

I was up and ready to go Monday morning despite being up late the night before prepping for this week.  It was cooler in the morning which made the run more bearable.  I did enjoy it!  I came home and both cats were sleeping after being up all night.  ¡Caramba!

Tuesday and Wednesday’s weather was decent too in the morning.  It did warm up later in the day.  But by Thursday and Friday I just wanted to stay in bed.  Ha, I didn’t.  It rained hard on Friday morning and there was a lot of wind and lightning.  

Saturday morning I woke up early and didn’t feel as tired.  I had 7 miles on my plan.  I thought 5 would be good enough.  I made it to 6 before heading home.  I saw two black bunnies which surprised me because I hadn’t seen any that color.

This is the school I am teaching this Summer.  It is new and I want to work here from now on.  Everything is new and clean.  Even the bathrooms are very clean!

One of the things I struggle with being an educator is speaking out.  I can voice my thoughts and opinions to my coworkers.  However, I “have” to be careful when I do that with an administrator.  Last year I received a call from my Principal after I responded to an email sent by the the top tech guy.  I guess I was not nice enough and either he called or emailed the Principal.  She told me that she knew I was going through some rough times and to pretty much stay off email.  I was very upset!  I think I cried too.  I wasn’t upset at her but more that it got to that point.  So I am not supposed to email the the top guys?

I do worry about repercussions.  Teachers have been demoted and moved simply because they do not agree with administrators.  A few of my coworkers have told me not to be afraid to speak out.  I guess that happens in every workplace?  🤷🏻‍♀️ As I mentioned before, the days prior to Summer School were very confusing.  There was very little communication from the administrator.  Things are definitely better.  However, on Friday I found out that I will not get paid for the hours I spent last week prior to the first day of school.  We didn’t get any time to get ready nor to plan.  We couldn’t even go into the classroom to set up.  Teachers from other schools did get that option.  We were basically expected to show up Monday morning and be ready.  I don’t work like that.

Before school ended my coworker helped me draft a letter to the person in charge of Summer School.  In it she wrote about how disorganized the process has been and the lack of communication.  I did not send it.  I was irritated on Friday and told myself that once I calmed down I was going to update the letter and send it to her and other people.  I haven’t yet but I will.  It isn’t so much about the money but the principle.  The District always expects us to do extra work outside our work hours (many of us already do that anyway) with no compensation.  They do not realize that they give us more work than necessary but no time to get it done.

The same thing happens prior to the start of the school year.  Many teachers spend hours and days setting up the classroom prior to the first day of school.  This year our first day of school is August 23rd.  I am tempted to show up that Monday morning with nothing set up nor planned.  But I know if I do that then I will regret it because then I will spend hours and days later on to prepare.  I like to be ready.  I do not well when I am not.

What a week!  Lots of emotions but moving along.  Let’s see how it goes next week.

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  1. Love that passport tank, and sorry to hear about all the stress at work. I can say that most jobs have stressful politics involved, but they’re difficult no matter what. Good luck sorting through all that Zenaida.

    • I love the tanks too. I was surprised more were not released with the newest designs. Sometimes politics suck. There is no room for it in the education field.

  2. I think it will help you feel better to send the email even if you don’t get the resolution that you hope for. Hope things get better for you this summer and that you enjoy teaching more

  3. I’m sorry, that sounds really difficult. One of the very best things about being self-employed is not having office politics and hierarchies – although I have to keep my clients happy and bite back the odd retort, of course!

    Love your sleepy kitties, ours sleep like that, just a bundle of long legs!

    • Thanks, Liz. I usually avoid stuff like that and don’t like to be involved but sometimes it is inevitable. The cats crack me up because they sleep just about everywhere. It makes me feel loved when they are sleeping close to me.

  4. It’s a shame that things are not communicated better. 🙁 But your Summer School does look very nice!

    I have never seen a black bunny in the neighborhood. Then again I never saw an Albino squirrel before until yesterday!

    Heat is hard. That is all!

  5. I’m sorry you’re still dealing with a lot of work issues – what a tough year it’s been! The school you’re teaching in for the summer looks really nice.

    I can’t believe you’re hit almost 300 days on your streak! Amazing!

  6. I feel you on the work situation. Besides being grossly underpaid (new grads get hired at a higher salary than I am paid) I am salaried, so I work what i work and t don’t get extra. I am counting the years until I can retire. I love my job but it is the business side and the politics that I don’t like.

    • I had no idea new grads get paid more than you. That definitely does not sound right. I am counting the years too. Unfortunately I’ve run out of fingers and need to use my toe fingers. I started “late” in the education field so I need to go a bit longer.

  7. So sorry for all of your frustrations. It’s too bad they don’t seem to have an “open door” policy for feedback and communication. Your students are lucky to have a teacher, like yourself, who gives so unconditionally.

    • Thanks, Kim. I would do anything for my students but sometimes I reach a point when I am exhausted and drained and don’t want to do it anymore. The District has a new Superintendent (he was an interim when the last one quit in April/May) and many teachers are hoping things will be better with him.

  8. I’ve never seen black bunnies before either. Now I want to be on the lookout for some the next time I run outdoors.

    I can relate to your feelings about speaking out, and I am sorry that the district has put you in this uncomfortable decision. I do think that you’ll feel better once you send the letter to state your opinions, but totally get the hesitation.

  9. I’m going to echo Wendy’s comment that I like my job, but not the business and politics side. Your particular situation does sound especially frustrating. And I’m sorry you’ve been so exhausted! Congrats on keeping up the streak in spite of everything. Hope this week is better for you.

    • Thank you for your support! I am going to wait and see how I feel when I go to my doctor for my yearly checkup. I will ask her to get bloodwork done. It could be something medical or just simply I am a teacher that works too hard. 🙂

  10. Sounds like a stressful week. Sorry to hear about the work frustrations. I’ve heard similar things from other teachers as well. The admin side of education leaves much to be desired.

  11. I repeat this every week but I am so impressed by your dedication and daily miles.

    I was a teacher for 22 years…it is the hardest job in the world. No one gets it unless you’ve been there. But I am glad I never had to teach during a pandemic.

  12. Oh man, sorry to hear about the work stress. I feel you on that. I’ve had several times in past jobs that I’ve felt taken advantage of but didn’t want to speak up for fear of losing my job. Hope you get something done about it all though cause I know it can be frustrating, I have teacher friends and they work their butts off and are definitely overworked and underpaid so I get it.

    I think in the summer the heat is just exhausting to a lot of us. I feel that way when I get home from work and after runs in the heat. My body feels more drained.

  13. I’m sorry to hear that your work is so stressful and I suspect all jobs have a lot of politics going on behind the scenes. I’m happy that you’ve not given up on your run streak. It’s got to take your mind off of things at least for a little bit.

    • Thanks! I know politics is in many work places but I still hate it and try to avoid it. Running does help to deal with the stress and everything else that goes in life.

  14. Oh that sucks about the school stuff. I would also expect to be paid for the time getting the classroom ready. boo! That’s a really nice looking school you are working in right now. I hope things get better. Awesome job on your run streak. Way to be dedicated!!

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