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Last night the phone alert woke me up and scared me.  It was loud!  There was a storm coming my way.  I looked out the window and all was calm.  Another alert went off.  There was a tornado warning in the suburbs.  A few minutes later there was rain, wind, and thunder.  I was now wide awake and checking out the weather app and the TV to get more information.  Still raining with thunder and rain.  Eventually it calmed down and I went back to sleep.

The tornado was devastating.  It was an EF3 and destroyed many houses.  Fortunately no one died but a few were critically injured and were taken to the hospital.  I cannot imagine what those that lost their homes and/or family members are going through right now.

This morning I did my run with Matty to celebrate my 250th run.  It was a fun run!  I took it really easy and walked too.  The weather was pleasant but it was windy and humid.

I did not see too many interesting things along the way.  There was more trash than usual.  Lately I have noticed there is a lot of it in my neighborhood.  The trash could have been from the storm or from Father’s Day celebrations.

I did see the following:

👀  Flowers

👀  Little Free Library

👀  Fallen branches

Some random things I’ve seen on other runs are pigeons, squirrels, bunnies, condoms, and bottles with yellow liquid.  The last two gross me out.  Well, more the bottles with the liquid.  Some people are just plain gross.

Surprisingly I did not see any dogs walking their humans.  😀 It was actually very calm.  Matty made me laugh (as usual) during the run.  He talked about how in his parent’s house in RI they don’t lock the bathroom door.  Whatever business you have to do there, make sure to do it fast before someone opens the door!

Not running related but before I left for work I checked again on the mama pigeon.  One of the eggs has hatched but there is still another one in the nest.  I also checked on Mateo.  It was another exhausting night for him.  He was in the same spot during the storm.

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17 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Things I saw on my last run

  1. I love your little free library, Zenaida!
    We have those free libraries, too. But they’re usually quite large bookshelves, not as sweet and cute as the one you saw.

    Congrats on your 250th run! Your streak is amazing.

    • I have lived in Chicago since 1978 and have never seen a tornado here. They’ve been in neighboring towns/suburbs but not in the city. Well, not that I remember. 🙂

  2. That tornado sounded really bad. It’s amazing what the forces of nature can do, all in a matter of minutes (and mere seconds). Our town is still recovering from the derecho (August 10th of last year). We lost so many trees…the nearby park looks so barren.

  3. We once had a small tornado quite close to us when we lived in TX. Mr. Judy had build a shelf for the cats under the half dome windows out back, and they were camped out there starting out. We sheparded them into the bathroom.

    Puss, the oldest cat, was nowhere to be found. We didn’t have any dogs yet. She had wedged herself between a dresser and an inside wall during the storm. Cats are smart!

    Love the flowers!

  4. I heard about the tornado from Linda and I was so surprised because I know your area typically doesn’t get tornados. My heart goes out to everyone that lost their homes.

    Congrats on your 250th run! Matty is one of my favorite instructors and I would love to run with him in person one day.

    • I would too! But I will ask him to slow down for me. I am sure he is a “fast” runner. I have been living in Chicago since 1978 and do not remember a tornado here.

  5. I heard about that tornado! My sister lives in a south suburb so I follow your weather. Glad it didn’t affect you (other than wrecking your night’s sleep!)

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