It’s the last Friday of the month which means Marcia has opened the Runfessional!  It’s also time for another edition of Fit Five Friday hosted by DarleneRenéeJenn, Michelle, and me!  Let’s get started, shall we?!

 I runfess…
That I am halfway done with Summer School.  It is going by fast.  While I am very happy to have students in my room, it is shocking to see exactly how much they missed out on last year.  My students are struggling in reading, math, and writing.  I know there isn’t anything I can do about it now and don’t want to worry about it either but I just cannot stop thinking about it.  Every morning I go in ready to teach but end up modifying so much of it because the material is just too hard for them.

 I runfess…
That I have no idea why I get so much spam email.  One day I had 35 and another day 4!  How?  It cracks me up that many of them are for pornography.  Lately I’ve also been unsubscribing more from newsletters and companies that I am no longer interested.  But seriously how does one get that much spam email?  Thank goodness for Gmail for filtering them and putting them in a different folder so I can delete them all at once.

I runfess…
That I have the iPhone X but have been thinking of upgrading.  I’ve had it since January 2019 and I like it.  It does what it is supposed to do and haven’t had any issue with it.  The thought of paying more each month isn’t appealing.  I think I already spend too much on my phone bill (who doesn’t?) and do not want to switch.  I’ve been with the same company for about 20 years and according to them I already get a good deal from them.

I runfess
That I almost signed up for a 4-mile race next week.  It is one of my favorite races!  Is it weird to say that I do not feel ready for a race?  I don’t even know why I feel that way.  Based on my training, I am ready.  How hard can 4 miles be?  I’ll wait and see how I feel next week.  I do know that it i supposed to rain on Sunday.  Actually it is supposed to rain all next week.

I runfess…
That I cannot believe June is almost over.  July will be here soon and then August.  Then we know what happens next.  I know I shouldn’t be complaining since I did sign up to teach Summer School.  I also signed up to teach in a Jumpstart program for students entering Kindergarten in the Fall.  It is for 4 weeks, 4 days a week, and 3 hours each day.  I don’t have the job yet but cannot imagine not getting it since I know there is a lack of teachers that do not want to work this Summer (and I do not blame them).  

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10 Comments on Fit Five Friday and June 2021 Runfessions

  1. Yep, June just flew by! i’m not surprised the kids are way behind- it should be interesting (and scary) to see where everyone is in the fall.
    I’m also going through and unsubscribing to things! I sign up for way too many newsletters- I would never have time to read them all. But there are also a lot of things (like dating sites) that I KNOW I didn’t sign up for! How am I getting all these emails???

  2. I was just talking about kids and catching up with my friend today. I think a good portion of next year will consist of catching up. It’s too bad.

    I get a crazy amount of spam email. And it seems that when you try to unsubscribe it just doubles. Plus, since I have several different email addresses I somehow get double or triple on the same emails. It’s very annoying.

  3. I don’t even bother unsubscribing to things-have you noticed that even when you unsubscribe, eventually, you start receiving them again? I send all that stuff to junk. I get SO much spam and junk. Right now, I’m getting all these insurance offers. Someone must sell our email addresses. It’s ridiculous.

    I considered the 4 on the 4th race but I think we’re going out of town. We’ll see…

  4. I had AT&T for over 20 years. In 2019, we switched to Verizon and do a pre-paid plan (so you pay ahead each month) and we save for two phones over $80 per month. Our friend explained this to us and AT&T couldn’t come close! I was very surprised!

  5. I get so much spam email too. Such a pain to keeping deleting.

    I’ve been thinking of upgrading my phone too. I only have the iPhone 8.

    That’s exciting that you have a real race. We’re not used to racing. I feel the same way.

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