This week I had 5 days of easy runs and 2 speed workout days.  On Tuesday I ran 3 miles and then 4-1 minute intervals.   All negative splits!  Then on Thursday it was the same workout but with 4 miles and 4-1 minute intervals.  Almost negative splits again but faster times!

On Saturday I ran 7 miles in the rain.  It wasn’t that bad because it wasn’t raining the entire time but it was humid.  I was soaking wet when I got home but overall felt good on my run.

I was about to head out with my mother to get a haircut when my phone went off with a weather alert.  There was another tornado watch.  This time it was much closer to where I live.  My sister, mother, and I watched the news and put together a basket with basic necessities in case we had to take refuge in the basement.  We didn’t.  It stopped raining and it was sunny again.  My mother and I ate lunch and then went to get a haircut.  The last time I got one was in December and it felt good to get another one.  Mateo wasn’t too excited with what was happening.

I wished I had taken a picture before my haircut.  It could be the humidity or age but sometimes my hair isn’t all straight.  

I mentioned in Friday’s post (still catching up on reading everyone’s post) that now that I have students in the classroom, I can see how much schooling they lost last year.  Most of my students are 1st graders going to 2nd grade and they are struggling in reading, math, and writing.  Next year I feel like we will spend a few months reviewing that with them.  As of now I have 20 students in my roster and that number could change.  Let’s hope I don’t have 28 again!

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  1. I love your haircut – your hair is so full and pretty!

    Sorry to hear that some of your students are struggling. I imagine that will be the case for some many students around the world due to Covid. I hope that your roster stays at 20 kids for summer school – 28 kids seems like so many!

  2. Congrats on continuing your running streak! And the haircut looks great. I also waited way too long between haircuts and it was a relief to get some cut off finally.
    We hardly ever have tornadoes here but we do get hurricanes! There’s always lots of time to prepare before they get there though. Tornadoes seem scarier because they’re so sudden.

  3. Hooray for a haircut! Obviously I will get around to it, sometimes — especially in Summer — my hair is just downright scary. It is not flat anywhere and humidity does a number on it.

    Fingers crossed that your student numbers stay reasonable.

  4. your hair looks great! Definitely a great style for you. My daughter told me about the tornado warning in Chicago-who knew!? Have a great week ahead

    • Thanks, Deborah. I love the haircut! I definitely needed it. I’ve lived in Chicago for over 40 years and this year was the first time that I remember hearing about a tornado watch. The weather has been so weird these past two years.

  5. The rainy runs are actually kind of refreshing, so long as the temps are warm and the rain isn’t a major downpour. I’m actually surprised we haven’t had any tornado watches or warnings given how humid it has been.

    • It’s been raining and humid like crazy so I am not surprised we had thunderstorms. Tornado watches and warnings are a whole different thing. Definitely scary!

  6. Lovely sleepy kitty!

    I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow for the first time since late Feb 2020! Mine is wavy but I’m still having some layers cut in even though if I go anywhere humid it then goes enormous – it’s long enough to tie back and will continue to be, so all good!

  7. Congrats on your streak and hooray for negative splits.

    I have a hair appt. tomorrow. My hair gets downright out of control if I don’t cut it regularly and besides, it feels so good after.

  8. Great haircut! I’ve got an appointment next week and it’s way overdue. Great job on those speed workouts. I am sure a lot of kids lost a lot of ground this past year. 🙁

    • I think many of us postposed haircut appointments. It feels good to finally get one. It will be interesting next year once the students are in the classroom again.

  9. Your hair looks so pretty! My mom had the tornado sirens as well. Who knew? Sorry to hear about how the students lose what they learned. That has to be frustrating.

  10. I’m sorry that so many kids have lost education. We are going to have a few years of “recovery”. It will be ok, but we just have to be aware and set our expectations accordingly.

    Your hair is adorable! I get mine done on Thursday, and I kind of want a new style, but don’t know what I want. Hmmm.

    Stay safe. Tornadoes are scary!

  11. How scary about the tornado warning. We get them here as well, but not that often. It’s great that you were still able to get out and get your haircut. It looks great!

    And yay for your continued run streak!

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